-Dr Pastor Paul Enenche at Morning Dew, Day 1, Destiny Recovery Convention 2021

If you do what you haven’t done before, you will see what you haven’t seen before.
6 am Prayer Service for Destiny Recovery Convention
Something is the beginning of something explosive and we will never recover from it.

Father, thank You for this morning. Blessed be your name, honour to your name, be glorified in Jesus precious name. Give the Lord a big clap as you take your seat in the presence of the Lord.

Psalm 63:1-2
Early will I seek thee, my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee…to see thy glory and thy power.
Proverbs 8:17 – …those that seek me early shall find me
I have one, two, three things to say on this subject: early will I seek thee
1. Many people seek God but not many find God. It is not everybody who seeks God that finds God.
2. We do not find God because we seek Him. We find God because we value Him. Nobody finds God only because they sought Him. Church Gist.People find God because they value Him.
That’s why there are so many religious people in this world, they observe several things but see no results. How do we communicate value? How is our value for God expressed?
1. By seeking Him first. By seeking Him early
Seeking Him first, seeking Him early means making Him our topmost priority. That is why we are starting off in this Destiny Encounter Programme even before the opening session by seeking Him first.
Many people seek other things first, then God later. Many people start the day before the remember that they have not included God. Many start a business process before they realise they have not yet included God. Many start a marital journey, relationship, courtship, before they eventually discovered they have not included God. But if God must be found, He must be sought first. He must be made the topmost priority. He must be sought early.

2. By seeking Him with the whole of the heart
Jeremiah 29:13
What is the meaning of that? That is seeking Him not with a divided heart. Many of us are familiar with praying and your mind is roaming the whole world. Church Gist.If we can never come to the point where we are seeking Him, not with a divided heart, but with a focused heart. Not with a heart partly focused on God and partly thinking about problems. That is your spirit, soul and body is one in what you are seeking. No wonder the Psalmist said in Psalm chapter 86 verse 11, “…unite my heart”. That is saying that it is possible for the heart to be divided, for the heart to be focused in diverse ways.
Unite my heart: I want to be one in this pursuit, in prayer, in everything I do. Unite my heart.
-I see God doing something for somebody this morning.
What is the outcome of all this?
After you have expressed your value by seeking God first, before food enters your mouth in the morning, you have eaten the Word. Before you can answer a phone call or make a communication, you have already communicated with God; then your heart is passionately focused on God, what will be the outcome?
1. The explosion of power and glory: This morning, I want you to make up your heart, make up your mind:
“Lord, I am tired of business as usual. I came here this morning to express my value to you and to seek you first before going to the office, before thinking breakfast, before thinking anything. I am here to seek you first and I receive the grace to search for you with the whole of my heart. Father, as I do so, first let me find You, then let me see an explosion of your glory.”
If we seek God first and if we seek God with the whole of our heart, we will see an explosion of the glory and power.
2. We find God: Whatever it is, we’ll find God. Please note that God is not hiding from us, but He is hiding for us.
He wants us, desperate people to find Him and if there is anyone like that here this morning, you will stand on your feet and we are going to begin to pray. We are going to pray 3 prayers this morning, each of them lasting about 10 minutes. You will be largely on your own, pour your heart out to God, asking Him, “Lord, I am here this morning to seek You and I am going to find You.”
While you are praying, you have pen and paper, because when we speak to God, we also hear God speak to us. In this early morning prayers, destiny decisions will be handled. Confusions will be tackled, directions will come. Interventions will come. God will show you things you have never seen before. So lift up your voice at this moment and begin to tell God.

Prayer 1: Father, I have come here this morning, let me find You in this Destiny Encounter Programme. Father, let all participants of this Programme find You in a way they have never seen You before. O Lord, in the name of Jesus, let me find You. I want to find You, I came here this morning to find You – Jeremiah 29:13

Prayer 2: Father, let me see Your power and glory in this Destiny Encounter Programme like never before. Let every participant in this Destiny Encounter Programme see Your power and glory like never before – Psalm 63:1-2

Prayer 3: Father, I ask for destiny turnaround encounter of a life-time in this Destiny Encounter Programme. Give me an encounter Lord that I will live to remember all the days of my life, Lord in Jesus Name.

Fireful Declarations
-I speak prophetically upon your life today, as I see in the spirit, it is the beginning of a new chapter, the opening of a new page for this Commission entirely, for your life, for your family, for your assignment, for your business and for your ministry in the name of Jesus..
-You step out of here, you step into a Testimony!
-You step out of here, you step into an Open Door. You step into an opening, in the name of Jesus.
-The God you have sought today will find you.
-Power is your portion.
-Everyone who is a victim of any trace of weakness, any trace of disease or affliction in your body, today it is over forever in the name of Jesus.
-Everything that is a cause of shame, every trace of reproach in your life is wiped out forever.
-Jehovah God gives you a glorious encounter and from this morning and throughout the course of this week, Jehovah will give you a Turnaround, an encounter you will live to remember the remaining days of your life, in the name of Jesus.

Go Forth and Break Forth.
-I declare peace, tranquility, serenity upon our Nation.
-Everybody coming from all over the world for this conference this week, they come in safety. There shall be no negative incident associated in the name of Jesus.
-I decree that it is well with your soul in Jesus precious name.

While these prayers are on, there will be encounters, there will be visitations. In the course of praying, on your way, in the course of the day…There are people coming back tonight with testimonies.
-I speak to everybody watching online: your testimony, no devil shall take from you.

Secondly it is important to come on time…You wait for God, God does not wait for you.

The Lord bless you, keep His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you in Jesus precious name.


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