Four Types of Destiny Helpers – Apostle Joshua Selman


– Apostle Joshua Selman on ‘The Mysteries of The Kingdom Part 3’

5. The Law of Relationships
The command ‘be fruitful’ means be relational, because everything advances, increases, and multiplies on the basis of relationships. Relationships are advantageous connections. The easiest way to succeed in life, is through relationships. Relationships are currencies, they can purchase things and bring them into the lives of individuals.
Amos 3:3, Proverbs 18:24.

Relationships do not maintain themselves, the parties involved must commit to maintaining it. Relationships do not maintain themselves. Your relationship with God, and your relationship to the Holy Spirit, the parties involved must commit to maintaining it. That means if a spirit refuses to leave you, something about your life is demonstrating friendliness to that spirit. There is something about your understanding and your habitation that makes that spirit miss you so much it does not want to leave because according to the laws of relationships, the moment there is an unfriendly environment, there is a separation. Church Gist. So whatever it is that makes a spirit refuse to leave you, refuse to leave your habitation, it calls for check.

Your relationship with the Holy Spirit as a case study. It will not maintain itself, No. The Holy Ghost is committed to you, but you must also be committed to spiritual things in order to strengthen and to improve that relationship.

Three Basic Kinds of Relationship.
1. General relationships.
2. Seasonal relationships.
3. Destiny or covenant relationships.

The first key to maintaining quality relationship, is that you must be willing to be selfless.
My definition of love is the absence of self. The degree of investment that you put in them may not be the same.

7 Keys to Maintaining Relationships:

1. Be willing to be selfless. Love is the absence of self. Jesus demonstrated love because He gave everything. You must be committed to being selfless.

2. Avoid competitive jealousy. Proverbs 3. Discernment produces covenant, it is bound by an oath that is not emotional. Jewish relationships till date operate by covenants. Covenant Relationships are powerful. Church Gist. Covenant produces consistency. Covenant gives security, since it is not about what you do or don’t do, you stand by together, you die together. So the fear of trying to be excessively formal is no longer there. Jealousy has nothing to do with being good or bad, it is the side effect of being human.

3. Avoid backbiting and evil speaking. Titus 3:2, Proverbs 6:16. Speak evil of no man.

4. Avoid offence. Offence is the ease with which you get irritated, resentful or angry.

5. Practice forgiveness and tolerance. Mark 11:26, Ephesians 4:32. We need forgiveness and forbearance.

6. Be a contributor to the growth of the other party. Acts 20:35. Money is not all you can contribute. Pray. Help the needy. Nobel price are for people who contribute not just receive. Its powerful to invest in people.

The Irrefutable Ministries of Destiny Helpers

Mark 2:1-5
Who are these group of people called destiny helpers?

Destiny helpers are men and women equipped, empowered, ordained and assigned by God to help you fulfil you destiny and to take you to the next level.
God blesses men through men. It is God that leads but he uses men.

Four Types of Destiny Helpers;

1. Divine Connectors: 2 Kings 5:1. They do not have the power directly to help you but they can lead you to who can help you. The key to receiving from divine connectors is meekness and discernment because they will always come in forms that may not be desirable. Don’t demean people, you may be throwing away the next 10 years of your life.

2. Men of Access and Influence: These are men who through their sacrifice and diligence have become Captains of industries and gatekeepers to realms. Absence of this in life, has kept many gifted people grounded. Difficult things becomes easy when men of credibility speak for you.

3. Gifted People: Men and women who will use their talents, gifts and skills to accomplish your divine purpose.

1 Samuel 16:18-21. Before you pray that God will bring great people to you, please do well to work on yourself. Praying to God to bring great people to you without refining your gifts, will only recycle pain and unpleasant seasons in your life.

Excellence and competence is a language. There are people who can speak it and there are people who understand it.

4. Burden Bearers: These are trusted and faithful people who will stay with you through storms and challenges until your glory is revealed.

The world is full of sychophants but there are genuine people. An example was Ruth.

They may not move you forward, but they will help you not to go back. Joseph was a burden bearer before an interpreter of dreams. Don’t just pray that God will send ‘them,’ be the ‘them’ first. Being there for people is a real investment. It has its return.

Who can speak for you when you are not there? Plant memories of your kindness in the minds of people. Not just those who have risen but those who are rising. Believe in people. Discern potentials and invest in it.

6. The Law of Honour
1 Samuel 2:30. Honour is discerning, celebrating and rewarding a person for their uniqueness, their usefulness, value and excellence. All failures with no exception can be traced to dishonour. Dishonour to God, men and principles. Honour is the key for access. Dishonour is the trivializing of value. Genesis 16:1-10.

If you learn honour
1. You can access any environment on earth.
2. Honour is not a gift, it is a virtue that you imbibe.
3. Don’t judge or reward people just by potentials alone but by their sense of honour.
4. Honour just like relationship is a currency.

Who are those deserving of honour?
1. God.
2. Parents. Deuteronomy 5:16
3. Spouse. 1 Peter 3:5-7
4. Authorities.
5. Ministers of the Gospel. 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13, 1 Timothy 5:13.

Keys to help you practice honour
1. Wisdom.
2. Deep regard for the office and the person of that individual.
3. Learn to celebrate the person openly and sincerely.
4. Pray for him or her consistently.
5. Contribute to improve his or her life through service.
6. Giving.

7. The Law of Spiritual Empowerment.
Every destiny and every divinely ordained assignment will require spiritual empowerment for its fulfilment.
You cannot produce supernatural extraordinary results without the backing of the spirit realm. You cannot produce beyond a threshold unassisted. Spiritual empowerment is a non-negotiable requirement to fulfil your destiny and serve the purposes of God. Psalm 92:10. Acts 10:38. There are things men cannot do, it’s not within the realm of men. A man cannot change another man. There must be something that will come upon your head that isolates you.


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