Blogging cum Social Media – Fully Launched ‘LIS’

All while long, i have always know that Linda ikeji is a destiny child that is going somewhere to happen, more than words could say, we all agree that Linda as changed and revolutionize the world of Blogging, social media and e-business in nigeria even much more than those she met inn the industry during at starting days.
There as been controversy online many times as to, who is more impactful in terms of information and online news portal and media capacity between Linda Ikeji Blog and nairaland, well, i have not come to answer the question either, but i use to know there is much more that we can accomplish with the power of internet and media in Nigeria than we have experience, so i have always been looking forward for great innovations and start ups.
Though more often than not, we have great ideas but the capacity, finances and resources as always make Nigerian startups, to be limited, but like a champion Linda Ikeji as beaten all limitations and barriers pant down and as emerged victorious over the years.
There are quiet a lot of fascinating things about Linda ikeji, ranging from her “Net worth” to biography, her blogging career and internet business exploit to the massive expensive billionaire Jackpot banana island mansion that she bought which as caused so much waves all over the internet, now you probably thought that is all there is to linda?
Oh…. you are wrong!
She is out to scarce the internet and the entire world now, not just Nigeria or africa, but what will yet attract the global world to Nigerian internet industry!!!
As she as initially promised, Linda Ikeji Social was launched today 1st of November 2016. (Just 8 days to me my birthday *Winks*) Am so glad for her.
Now in Nigeria we are used to nairaland forum, and facebook, but majorly we have a rapid growth in blogging and online content creation which as pull in so much money for so many people, via blog advertisement, google adsense and some other mediums.
But you know linda is up to something really brand new, and that is a combination of social media chat site and networking platform with information and breaking news stories, gist, entertainment blogging all in one place, which is, now i watch the video myself of Linda Ikeji speaking about LIS (LindaIkejiSocial), in her words, the idea came when she met a fan of hers in Lagos and the fan was so excited and she told,her”I only visit
two sites daily, facebook an Linda Ikeji Blog, so Linda said, she was excited to hear that, but she thought of it, what if she is to choose one between this two sites, would she choose mine or facebook?
That was how she started planting the idea of incorporating a social media platform like facebook environment into a site where people can also read and access news, gists, entertainment updates  which is always updated on LindaIkejiBlog.
I am really impressed at what this great dream filled lady is doing even in a nation like Nigeria, If linda ikeji can be breaking grounds in this country, then anybody can, as long as you believe in yourself and your dreams!
The homepage is awesome and you can register as a user or sign up straight with your facebook account.
See the interphase below;
Linda i am so proud of you and i am encourage, i know wanna advice, i know you have the fame already, but to really grow this new platform even to the level of the Nigeria facebook user only, then you really need to advertise and wait, time is a factor that can not be excused when you really wanna do something pretty big!
Image result for linda ikeji socials
You can see the excitement on her face
There are so many features that is enabled on LIS, Ranging from online stores, online personal brand pages and monetization, this is one of the most interesting one, as a user, you can actually make good money from LIS, i think, i have done well to type so much about this platform, it would be better and even best, that you hear and understand more about the whole idea of LIS from Linda Ikeji herself,
Here’s how she explains her new venture –

Linda Ikeji Social is basically Facebook meets Linda Ikeji Blog meets! You can connect with friends on LIS, chat, get the latest breaking news, sell you eye witness stories to us and get paid. You can also buy and sell your goods and services from authentic buyers and sellers.

6 months after conceiving the idea…Linda Ikeji Social is here! It’s social networking meets blogging meets classifies ads/buy and sell all in one package. Please watch the video as I personally take you on a tour of the site and how it functions. Can’t wait to meet y’all on
Watch her Video Below;
Linda Ikeji, keep on the good work, i see you doing greater things in the future and most importantly, breaking a new dawn on internet business in Nigeria….
Let’s celebrate good works!
So guys check out now, join- register an account and click here to follow me on LIS.
Kindly share with friends.

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