Lists of 10 Profitable Farming Business Ideas to in Nigeria

Hello Nigerians!!!
Do you know when Nigeria as a nation use to have their naira equivalent to dollar ( #1 Equals $1), are you aware that Agriculture was the principal thing?
And the Good-news, Lucrative Agricultural Farming Business here is that even though Nigerian government at a point or the other got distracted from Agriculture, farming business is still so lucrative and money pulling like seriously!!!
While many ignorant youths are pilling up the queue of unemployment in Nigeria, the wise ones are busy creating jobs and empowering themselves through the opportunities that lies in the Agricultural Industry.





Let the CEO of MATEX FARMS HOLDING,  take you step by step on the most lucrative farming businesses in Nigeria and how you can easily get started with them to make good profits and if possible, build a wealth and Agricultural Empire with it.

Top Lucrative Farming Business Ideas:
  1. Poultry FArming: This is one of the most lucrative and common farming business not just in Nigeria but in the world, one of the major sense of responsibility on animal scientists is ability to advance food production, save time and yet still be able to come up with good nourishing food nutrient, poultry as a source of animal protein among others as seems to be a good and time saving source, been that, with genetics, we now have broilers that attain  market size of 4kg and even more at 5 -6weeks. So the ability o produce many poultry birds, raise them to reach quality market size within a very short period of time, as made the venture a highly lucrative one, coupled with the fact that the meat is a very delicious one.  Except you are going on a very large scale production, you can start poultry farming business with low amount of money as Starting Capital and yet still make good profits. Nigerian as a nation as developed various cultural practices by the engagement of the masses in the same thing, and one of those culture is highly in favor of poultry business; and that is the every Sunday chicken and every Christmas/New year chicken…! If you have 50 million chicken, with effective marketing, you can sell them all in Nigeria during Christmas, it will take a little marketing approach to successfully sell them in normal non-festival period, but what you need to know is; Poultry business is knowledge driven, you must learn before you start, this is a must! in order to avert failure and loss. The fragility of the birds is high; you might have to take time to visit farms and learn the practice of keeping poultry, have a mentor to oversee the smooth running of the business for you, though most of the times,  after the first year, you would have master important practices in Poultry Farming successfully and with the help of a vet Doctor you will be able to monitor and oversee the smooth running of the business yourself; but let’s look at the profitability of the business a little bit.
There are quite a lot of areas of concentration in Poultry farming business, which includes; Feed Production, Broilers and cockerel, Egg production, Incubation, Poultry materials and so on, but in this article we will be focusing solely on the Meat (Broilers) and Egg (Layers) Production.
Because that is where the real money is;
Image result for poultry farming in nigeria
Layers: These are the ones that lays egg, egg is one of the most sold commodity in the world today, with the help of genetics, we can have poultry birds (Layers) at a particular stage of their life begin to lay egg consistently everyday and with some medication, feeding and husbandry, it can be sustained for a very long time. Now there are a lot of industrial uses of egg, most people are acquainted with the consumption, but do you know egg is a major ingredient in bakery?
Do you know egg is a major raw material in the paint manufacturing Industry?
The uses of egg are so many, i can’t list them all here, but let’s focus even on the common consumption aspect, you can make 5 million naira a day via egg production Alone.
Eateries, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and big ventures like shoprite buys a whole lot of egg daily from farmers, so if you are venturing into commercial egg production, profit is already waiting for you.
Some Layers can lay for up to 8months, so the same birds, feeding and all that can surely continue to make you lots of profits for 8months?
That’s the awesomeness of egg production, most people that can not afford fish, meat, they go for egg, and with the daily increase in population, food business is on the profit side, as people can not stop eating.
Now to the meat (Broiler): These are the meat producers, they are fatteners, normally they take 3months to attain market weight.
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The first time i was in Shonga Farms in Ilorin, that was when i saw broilers that are raised from day old to market size within just 4weeks.
Broilers are very profitable, even if you raise them in 3months, you are still going to make a good profits from the business, for instance, if you have 50,000 broilers, and you are selling them during Christmas or new year celebration (because they sells best during festive period) at #5,000 each Now let’s do the calculation;
50,000 x 5,000 = 250,000,000.
Can you imagine that?
Now the truth is this, Nigeria as a nation as more than 10million people, so even 50,000 broilers is too small, for instance; some family of 5 people will even buy 10 broilers from your farm to be able to handle the level of visitors and celebration that will happen in their house during festive period, so you will end up having more demand than supply if you embrace a quality marketing.
Now, this is what i advise people to do, in a situation whereby buying point of lay birds seems to be too expensive for you, and feeding birds from day old till like 20th week when they will start laying also looks lie a process too long.., then you can consider Broilers, in 3months, of feeding them and spending your money, you can harvest your profits back, this is always very encouraging to many people(Personally in my own farm, we raise more broilers when its getting closer to December period). So you can start with broilers, spend less, make more profits and with enough capacity, you can consider The  Layers (Egg production).
2. Fish Farming: This is yet another Goldmine in Nigeria today, fish farming business is building millionaires and even billionaires, and you too can get started today and with time, you will get there. When i write articles like this, i try as much as possible to make people understand that Agriculture is not a “Get Rich Quick scheme” it is not like MMM where you do nothing but your money keeps pilling up! No! there is no magic that works here, this is business! You have to be the one to make things work.
Fish farming is very lucrative in Nigeria, considering the good step by Former President Olusegun Obasanjo some years back, when he banned the importation of food stuffs like frozen turkey and fishes, Nigerian fish industry literally experience massive production increase and sales, now varieties is a very important human choice option, some people felt chicken is not just their thing, so they prefer fish, while some others believe sea food as low cholesterol level, so they go for fish, however, for which ever reason the case maybe, fish farming is on the top of profitable agricultural business venture in Nigeria today.
You can start small as a fish farmer and grow back, you can even start at the backyard of your house, even as a civil servant, you can run fish farming business on a part-time basis and still make good income with it.
All livestock, including fishes sells best during festive period in Nigeria, however, fish as one advantage; it can be processed into various forms, like  barbecue, fish bread, fish stew, smoked fish, cooked fish, pepper soup fish (especially catfish) and lots other form of fish processing, with the increase in hotels, bars, restaurants, eateries, all this variety of fish processing brings about a good quality demand for fish.
As a started, you can also get a plot of land based on your budget, dig a natural or artificial fish pond (though natural gives the best experience) artificial here also talks about making a concrete pond system.
Major expenses in fish farming is the feeding aspect, buying various kinds of fish feeds for various stages of growth, so you must carry out your feasibility studies well. Fishery is such that, you don’t stop or slow down the rate of feeding your fish for whatsoever reason until they are harvested, because slowing it down will bring about a drastic reduction in their size, which can bring loss at the end of the business year.
I also want to encourage that you get a learned or experience (successful) fish farmer to train you and monitor you, consultancy is of great advantage in fish business, it will save you from unnecessary spending, help you master the business dynamics and will also help you make a good profit.
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Smoked Fish
Ventures like Smoking Fishes, processing them and exporting them as really turned fish business into a Gold Mine in Nigeria.
3. Pig Farming: This is yet another Goldmine. One beautiful thing about pig farming business is that, it is a global business and most of the commercial pig farmers in nigeria, actually have more buyers coming from outside the country down to their farm to come and buy from them.
Pig is a monogastric animal(Non-ruminant) that feeds on a  wide variety of feeds, they are very prolific and fecundity rate is very high too.
Their gestation period if 3months,3weeks and 3days.
Pig are good and healthy animals, contrary to what many people have come to believe, pig is a very neat animal breed, ty era not dirty at all, the pig from neatness will rather be solely determined by the farmer not by the pigs.
Pig is one of the livestock that requires a very low capital to start up and yet you are sure of making good profits. First of all, knowledge must be gotten, you have to spend good time researching, learning and consultation from successful pig farmers around, this will help you to know all you need to know before you further in the business.
Pig feeds on wide variety of feeds, including PKC, Brewery wastes, Offals, Blood Meal among others.
I always recommend for good breeding, pig farmers that are just starting just do well to get good exotic breeds (which are easy to get from government farms), though it can be expensive, but it is surely going to be profitable and give an excellent result.
Pigs are just excellent animals and they make good profits, they are sold according to their weight, so a big matured male pig with good kg can be sold up to 70,000 or #100,000 and even more.
The profitability of pig business lies in having a whole lot of them for sales, so don’t draw a small scale pig business plan, if you really want to make good and big profits from the venture.
I also advise that you consider a non-residential location for the breeding for the sake of smell/odour that comes from their pen, it might be a nuisance to people who’s religion or belief system is against pig rearing, so as to play safe and enjoy your business, locate your farm in a good farming estate.
Pigs under a good feeding, health and breeding condition, tends to grow fast and in 7months, reach a good market size(kg). Click here to get started with pig farming business.
click on the (no.2) to continue reading on the second page.
4. Plantain Farming Business: This is a must, in this list in fact, the list is not going to be complete if i didn’t mention it. Though i focus on animal production as a farmer, i won’t deny the fact that plantain is one of the most profitable cash and food crops in Nigeria today.

Places like Ondo, Ogun, Oyo, Osun state and some other part of Nigerian are making good profits from plantain as the lands in this area is good for cultivation of plantain.

Plantain is yet one of the crops that is exported out of Nigeria to other countries around the world.

There are quite a lot of food that plantain is been processed into, making it almost a daily raw material for so many local and industrial production, if you have hectares of land and it is fertile and unused for the moment, you can consider using it for plantain farming and make good profits.

To get started with plantain farming business, click here.
5. Grasscutter Farming: Grasscutter farming is a virgin business, still fresh in the land, not yet dominated and noticed like poultry and others, but yet it is highly lucrative, grasscutter farming is ridiculously less-capital intensive compare to other kind of livestock farming businesses.
Grass Cutters | Welcome to Farm Application, Mapping Assistance and Propergations
Grasscutter are small body animal, highly prolific and have the ability to adapt and survive many adverse weather conditions.
With little capital, you can get a good cage at your backyard and start grasscutter farming right there, though a monogastric animal… grasscutter tends to feed more on green grasses, making it less expensive to raise.
6. Cattle Rearing : This is not a business venture for babes.., if you don’t have the capacity, don’t dare it. This business is a wealth and goldmine center in animal productive, you can become a billionaire in a short while. There are so many by-products gotten from cattle, which includes, horn, milk, beef, skin, furs, bone-meal, manure, blood-meal and so much more.
Cattle farming is the process of raising cattle from birth until the point at which they provide food or milk for consumption. A cattle farmer typically has a barn where milking cows live and a pasture where cattle graze
Cattle Farming is a very profitable business venture all across the world, beef as always been the most consumed local meat in major parts of the world. America major food industries consider cattle farming as a major raw material, both for processed, fresh condensed and skimmed milk production and even beef/ processed raw meat for both human consumption and animals (like dogs and others), the potential that lies in cattle farming is many.
Cattle farming is the major farming department in Kent Farm in United state and that farm is more than a whole state in land mass.
Cattle grazing as been bastardized a little in Nigeria with the issues with all this fulani herdsmen, but its good our government are beginning to make progressive steps to help animal grazing and cattle rearing in Nigeria.
Image result for cattle farming
Cattle farming is advised to be run on a commercial large scale, in order to make the best of the potential the business offers, also its a long-term investment scheme, especially when you are considering industrial operations like Cattle Milk processing and manufacturing!
6.Snail Farming: Snail faring is easy and cheap just like grasscutter, it requires relatively little space to raise them, you can easily start small, after the business as grown bigger, you wouldn’t spend too much to keep the business running and your income will be coming in, hotels, restaurants, eateries as made it a bigger business, as consumers keep asking for snail meat.
Image result for snail farming in nigeria
With a small space at your backyard, you can kick-start snail faring and with a very low capital for start-up, since they basically feed on fresh green leaves and naturally sourced food substance snail business is very lucrative because there is demand for snail meat recipe and considering the fact that it is a white-meat’ many people who are looking forward to get rid of their pot-belly and lose weight, goes for snail meat.
7. Maize Farming: Maize is essentially a raw material for almost all livestock feeds. It is also been processed into many raw forms in our daily diet, the potential in maize farming as not been fully exploited because of the common and local mindset of harvesting maize so that it will only cooked and eaten.
Maize can be easily cultivated, it requires no too much skills but attention and effective monitoring!
Maize are in high demand in the brewery industry, animal production and nutrition industry, food processing and production industry, as maize is a major raw material for the smooth running of most of this industries, most of our daily meal contain some percentage of maize, with the increase in livestock farming today, there s an ever increasing demand for maize both processed, raw and dry. Nigerians also pluck and boil fresh maize which is consumed immediately it is cooked.
The profitability of maize farming is in cultivating a large land mass of maize cultivars, when you have them in large scale, companies will come and buy from you, especially when they are dry.
8. Fruits & Vegetable Farming: This category of farming talks about cultivation of fresh green food likes pepper, tomato, okra, fruits, and others.
Now, there is a daily demand for this business in Nigeria, if you can take the dare to start on a large scale, you are sure of making good income with it, i was so impressed when i saw young Nigerians in Lagos starting out large cultivation of green vegetables (Efo) and they were able to maintain the business to the level of supplying only fresh green leafy vegetables to buyers, by that the state government got attracted to what they were doing and expansion scheme was drawn for them.
People eat daily and (soup/stew is a major part of our daily meal) the same thing for fruits, apart from the normal consumption, Industries also depends solely on fruits for their industrial production, fruits processing is a goldmine, though capital intensive, yet it is a promising industry.
You can start little at the backyard of your house and yet make good profits with the introduction of Hydroponics farming, it is now easy and better to cultivate vegetables and have the best yield.
9. Cashew Business: This business as been neglected for a long time, and till now, many people still don’t get the cash in the business of cashew nut’ Cashew in itself does not really pull in much money for areas but the cashew nut is where the money lies.
Now cashew been a perennial crop, it takes time for it to grw, mature and begin to yield the desired profits, so you are going to start cashew as a long term investment but it will make good return when it as fully grown.
The Nut in Cashew; is used for the manufacturing of oil, and that delicious cashew nut’that can be easily consumed with garri, and other kind of food recipes. Just like groundnut’cashew nut is more delicious and more nutritious.
If you a land, you are not using, of for the purpose of this business, you can buy a large hectare of land and plant thousands of cashew tree there, in anticipation of the time it will grow to begin to fruit and the, you can have tonnes of cashew nuts to sell every year and make millions of naira, Lagos as proven to be a central point of sales for cashew nut in Nigeria.
10.Yam Farming: Yam is one of the most consumed tubers in Nigeria, since most Nigerians does not eat cassava raw, yam is still preferable for local consumption, there are many varieties to  cultivate. Yam does not have much complexity, just basically a good fertile land, good drainage,  and good cultivars.
Image result for yam farming
Yam is in high demand in Nigeria and many commercial farmers in the west now export them down to the east and other parts of Nigeria to make good profits from it.
The real profits in yam farming is in cultivating a  large land mass with yam, that way you will be able to make good returns from the business.
Tonnes and truck full of yam can make you millions in Nigeria, Nigerian government that sponsored most of this farming to make it easy for farmers to get the best yield and result for their business. To get started with yam farming, you need to get a good land, fertile land, well situated, and also plant during rain so as to get the best yield for your production year.

These are the various lucrative farming Business in Nigeria you can consider and give a try today and make good income with them.

About Author:
This article was written by Akanni Tolu Matthew a Farmer at MATEX Farms Holdings Nigeria, he’s a young entrepreneur who has such a deep burning passion for agriculture and farming business.
If you want to reach me, you can do so via 07066784204.
If you have any question, you can drop them below; if you enjoy the article, you can also share them with your friends/ print it out and give an unemployed youth out there to help them start something today and stop been idle!

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