– Dr Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre
IMFFC 2021
Day Five

Lift your voice and just worship Him.
Father we give You the praise, we give You the adoration, we worship You, in Jesus precious name.
Prove to someone this morning Lord that You are real.

“It’s not by power, it’s not by might but by my Spirit saith the Lord…”

1 Samuel 12:18
Speaking very quickly this morning on the subject:

Our objective is to understand what it takes to provoke the rain.

In Africa, there are people who are called rain makers who try to use diabolic means to determine climate and weather in the realm of the spirit in the world of the kingdom.

There are people who carry mantle to make rain happen and since all truths are parallel, I believe it is not just making rain happen in the physical but making rain happen in the spiritual. Permit me to say this, there are spiritual supernatural or Kingdom rain creators, Kingdom rain makers, Kingdom rain producers, Kingdom rain activators.

Two particular ones are of note:

1. Prophet Samuel, he made rain to happen in the time of winter.
2. Prophet Elijah, he made rain to happen after years of drought.

So I believe there is such a thing as a mantle, an unction, a grace to activate the rain.
1 Kings 18:41-45.

Our main objective this morning is to understand what qualifies a person to walk with the mantle of causing rain to happen whether it is in the physical or it is the spiritual.

1. They perceived the need for the rain. Elijah perceived the need for the rain after there was a season of drought in Israel, Samuel also perceived the need for the rain so that the people of Israel can see the other side of God.

2. They have strong walking relationship with God. Elijah was the one who said in 1 Kings 17:1, he said “before God whom I stand”. Samuel was the one who literally grew in the temple.

3. They have ears for the voice of God. “I perceive, I can hear the sound of an abundance of rain”. Before you cause the rain, you must hear the rain in the Spirit. They have sharpness of discernment and perception.

4. They have the audacity of faith; the capacity to believe God for anything. They have the capacity to say it and see it.

They have the capacity to believe that anything can happen at anytime and I prophesy upon someone here today; a fresh release of the Spirit of faith.

5. They have strong prayer altars; they are strong at the place of prayer (James 5:16-17, 1 Samuel 12:23). It is a sin for a pastor not to pray for the people he pastors or not to teach them in the way of the Lord.

In scripture, Samuel was a symbol of intercession and Elijah was a symbol of intercession.

6. They are not just oil carriers but oil transmitters.

You have people who carry the oil and you have people who transmit the oil. You have people who carry the anointing but you have people who multiply the anointing.

Samuel was the one who carry the oil that was poured on the head of Saul and David and like we have said, anywhere Samuel appears, a king is made, a priest is raised.

In Church history, it was said that Samuel was the one that raised the school of the sons of the Prophet, he started the school of the sons of the Prophet; these are oil transmitters, they carry oil that is beyond themselves; they carry generational oil.

They carry oil to impart and mark a generation.

Beloveth brothers and sisters, if what you carry does not go beyond yourself, you cannot make a mark that will last in your generation.

If what you carry does not reproduce in the lives of others, you will not have the mantle to cause the rain to happen whenever there is need for it.

7. They lived in obedience to divine instruction (1 Kings 18:37). Obedience is doorway to the release of the rain (Deuteronomy 28:1-2, 12).

Obedience is a secret of the rain, it is the secret of commanding the rain (Leviticus 26:3-4, Deuteronomy 11:13-14). Obedience will bring the rain; disobedience will close the Heavens (Deuteronomy 11:16-17, Deuteronomy 28:23-24).
1 Kings 8:35-36, 2 Chronicles 6:26-27

I want to mention three areas of obedience:

a). Obedience to scripturally instructions and injunctions (Deuteronomy 28:1-2). Every time you study the Word; identify action steps.

If we are going to see rain, don’t negotiate scripturally injunctions. In everything, give thanks. So obey it literally. You may not understand why you have to give thanks, but Oh Lord I thank You.

Honour the Lord with your first fruit, with your substance and with all the first fruit of your increase, than your barns shall be full.

b). Obedience in lifestyle and action. You don’t excuse actions and habits, you obey instructions.

c). Obedience to the voice of the Spirit. Have you ever felt a leading to pray and you obey it? Or it was more convenient to remain with people.

The reason why we have not seen the kind of revival we should see is because we are too civilized for scripture.

We have become so social, we need primitive apostolic behaviour, primitive apostolic lifestyle.

In those days, a brother will say I have a burden to pray and he steps aside on the spot from every business, from everything and he is there for the next 1 – 3 hours.

Today, that burden is quenched until the Holy Spirit does not bother you anymore.

When was the last time you felt the burden of fasting?

The other day I felt very, very hungry, normally my breakfast starts from 1′ o clock, so I felt very hungry around 8 am and I told my wife. I said, I am very hungry right now and I don’t know why, maybe it’s because of the strenuous work.

Can you get something for me and she said yes and she got something served.

She said it is ready. I said, okay, let me wait until it is 9:00am so that I know I have finished the first watch of the day before eating something.

By the time it was 9:00am, I felt no hunger anymore.

She said, are you not going to eat?

I said the hunger has disappeared and once hunger disappeared, I take it as a call.

I don’t eat because it is time to eat, I eat because there is a need to eat. Neither will I eat because food is ready.

I then continued the unannounced fasting until the burden was lifted.

She said what happened? I said, the desire to eat disappeared.

So God can call, you can eat in the morning and then He calls you into a fast in the afternoon.

So you continue from that time till anytime; you know when to start but you don’t know when to end.

There are so many leadings that would have delivered people from disaster.

Somebody was going to get married the next day and the person told me the day before the marriage; “I don’t feel any leading to go on anymore”. Wow!

Everything is set, everybody has arrived, the wedding is set, but today, I don’t feel the leading to go on anymore. I said, haha.

You are just about a quarter to go. People have travelled from distances to come.

I said, well, pray about it very well. I am never in a position to force a person to do anything contrary to their leading but this is so complicated. Next morning, she said the perception is still there. I said alri ght, do everything you can defend before God, which was what happened.

People felt bad but that was the feeling and perception this person had, just a quarter to the wedding. The meaning of it is, it is never too late to be right. That is why it is important to clear well before you go far.

One day I asked the Lord, I said before now, we never heard problem of divorce, divorce in the Church.

Why is there so much divorce and so much crisis in marriages this day?

And the answer:

i). How many of them asked who to marry before they marry. People are choosing wife like you choose clothes, looking at the container with no idea of the contents.

ii). How many foundations are cleaned?

My wife and children and family once had the permit to reside in a country. If you count five countries in the world, it will be one of them; that is the permit to live there, to work, to do everything and after 5 years you’ll get more and after sometimes, you’ll get their passport, one of the strongest passports in the world and yet, that was not where we belong. I am excited where I am celebrated, I am excited where I have assignment, not where I am tolerated. That you have the documentation does not mean it is your destination.

One of the greatest asset you will receive today is the capacity to obey God. Some people will receive a restoration of sensitivity, a restoration of perception, discernment. Because when God keeps speaking to you and you ignore Him, then He leaves you alone and you can’t hear anything anymore.

One question you are going to ask in the course of this prayer; Lord is there anything, any area of obedience, is there something that I am ignoring? Speak again Lord for thy servant is hearing.

Lift up your hands and appreciate Him for His word to you this morning.

– Father, I ask for a restoration of spiritual sharpness, perception, capacity to hear You and obey Your voice; I receive it today in Jesus’ name


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