-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘THE PROFIT OF THE FEAR OF THE LORD’ at Power Communion Midweek Service, Glory Dome.
🎼 Do with me O Lord as it would seem good unto you. 🎼.
Lift up your hands.
Father, we worship You. Father, breathe upon this service tonight. Let not one person leave here the same they have come. Do with us Lord as it would seem good unto You.
Do with us O Lord whatever You may choose.
Be glorified in Jesus Precious Name.
Give the Lord the praise as you take your seat.
Proverbs 19:23
The Lord bless His Word in the Name of Jesus.
The profit of the fear of the Lord which is sponsor of positive character.
Our objective tonight is to understand the dividends of the fear of the Lord.
Two things are very important to note by the way of this introduction:

  1. That the fear of the Lord is the bedrock of uprightness/ quality character – people avoid transgression because they fear God.
    In Proverbs 18:13, people refuse to kill, to steal, to destroy, to lie, to cheat because they fear God.
    The fear of the Lord is the bedrock of quality character.
  2. The fear of the Lord is absolutely profitable for existence, both in time and in eternity. – It’s absolutely profitable for man’s existence both in time and in eternity.
    There’s nobody who lacks the fear of God that can by any mistake enter heaven.
    We saw in Proverbs 19:23 what the fear of the Lord does. It ‘tendeth’ to life. So our major assignment today is to identify those things that the fear of the Lord brings.
  3. The fear of the Lord is the highway of life – Proverbs 19:23. The fear of the Lord tends to life. Genesis 42:18, the meaning of that is, ‘my fear for God is the reason why I am still alive’ despite the hatred of my brethren’.
    The fear of the Lord is the reason why I am alive despite the wickedness of the wicked.
    The fear of the Lord is the reason why I have not been cut short before my time. The fear of the Lord will prolong life. And the absence of the fear of the Lord will cut short life. You will fulfill your days.
    Last Wednesday, we looked at several things, I mean several people who lived because of the fear of God. We saw also people who were cut short before their time like Achan, like Gehazi, Judas Iscariot because of the lack of the fear of the Lord. We looked at all that last week Wednesday.
  4. The fear of the Lord is the way of genuine/true fulfilment and satisfaction in life. – Proverbs 19:23, Psalm 1:1-3. Genuine satisfaction. It’s possible to have money and be in absolute frustration.
    It’s possible to have position and be in absolute depression.
    I heard a story of a man, he was talking with a millionaire of those days who will be like a billionaire today. And while they were talking slightly on a table or somewhere, this one fell asleep and was just sleeping, just dozing.
    He said what, what are you doing? You mean you can sleep easily like that?
    The millionaire/billionaire couldn’t believe that somebody can just sleep easily like that. He said for him, he can’t afford two hours sleep in the night.
    Nobody knows what he did to get the money.
    People have a enough money to buy watch but not a enough to buy time.
    You can buy a bed without buying sleep.
    You can buy food without buying appetite.
    You can buy the best of cars without guaranteeing safety of journey.
    But to be fully satisfied…….
    A man got a contract and got a profit of like twelve million 20 years ago.

Twelve million naira profit then was a big money.
And he bought one car six million then.

That will be like sixty million today and then six million again, two cars. And then he became afraid that maybe they will steal the cars and then he got hypertension and got stroke. He got money that sponsored his paralysis.

It’s in the fear of the Lord that you can be a billionaire and not be aware that witches survive.

It’s in the fear of the Lord that you can be the president of a nation and not be aware that the occultic realm exist.
Walking in the fear of the Lord guarantees you thorough satisfaction.
Thorough satisfaction! Thorough satisfaction!! Thorough fulfilment!
People step into my office and they don’t want to leave. They say, ‘this place is too peaceful, too calm. And that there’s no problem here under heaven’, especially children.
‘Mummy go, I will meet you later’.

  1. The fear of the Lord is the key of escape from the visitation of evil. Proverbs 19:23.
    If you fear God, you easily escape traps. For example, 419 arrangement.
    Someone came to church and testify many years ago. Life was so frustrating and everything was down and somebody said, ‘ let me take you somewhere, where they will do something for you and your life will change and you will make money’. He got into that place, they asked him to bring chicken. He brought chicken, maybe the demon there was hungry or thirsty.
    When they killed the first chicken, his father died.
    Bring another chicken. They killed the next chicken. His mother died.
    He has not learnt yet. He brought the third chicken, his sister died.
    That was when ran to church. He said, maybe it’s this chicken that is killing them.
    He has not gotten the money but he has lost his father, lost his mother, lost his sister at the frequency of, if God can’t give it to me, let me find it anyhow.
    There are people in prison today who were trapped into prison. If they had feared God, that trap wouldn’t have caught them. They wouldn’t have fallen.
    ‘No. I don’t touch monies like this’ .
    When I graduated newly, I was working in a hospital. Young, evening private practice and then one guy came, he is meant to be my tribe’s man and he was talking language to me and then, he said I should drop him. I drove because he was in our direction and then I dropped him. While I dropped him in his house. While we were seated, some people came and were telling him about certain things about something money. This thing has started since o.
    I looked at all of them and said, ‘ do you know who you are dealing with at all? ‘ is it fraud you are trying to perpetrate?
    If I deal with all of you now. And I said for your information, I have soldiers around me.
    That was how he straightened up. I drove from there. I don’t think think that guy is existing anymore.
    If there was a spirit of covetousness with a haste to get rich, that is devoid of the fear of God. That was a trap of evil, a visitation of evil that would have been neatly carried out.
    You won’t have heard of me because I wasn’t a pastor then.
    You shall not be visited with evil.
    In the Name that is above every name, evil shall not be your portion.
    Every trap of evil set for you, the fear of God will cause you to escape it. The fear of God will cause you to escape it, the fear of God will cause you to escape it, the fear of God will cause you to escape it.
    If you are saying Amen, say the louder Amen. If you are saying Amen, shout the loud most Amen.
    If you are saying Amen, say Amen at the top of your voice.
  2. The fear of the Lord is the key of access to Divine wisdom. – Job 28:28, Psalm 111:10
    Do you want wisdom? Fear God!
    Proverbs 1:7, Proverbs 9:10, Proverbs 15:33.
    Wisdom is high frequency mentality. Wisdom is Supernatural ‘sensibility’. Wisdom is Divine creativity, ‘innovativeness’.
    Heaven’s wavelength of inspiration. To be able to receive all such, the fear of the Lord is non-negotiable.
    That was why the Bible said ‘ the fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.
    Psalm 14:1, Psalm 53:1.
    So, to exist as if there is God or to exist without the fear of the Lord is to exist as a confirmed fool.
    The meaning of that is, when you lack the fear of the Lord, you make destructive decisions. You make damnable moves.
    When you lack the fear of the Lord, it comes to a point where it is as if your mind is not working, your brain is not working. You work in toxic confusion.
    You are unable to come up with a very strategic ideas that can wangle your way out of certain situations when the fear of God is lacking.
    But when the fear of God is present, there is quick access to answers. Quick access to solutions.
    Is God speaking to somebody here? Say the loudest Amen.
  3. The fear of the Lord is the key of access to Divine secrets. – Psalm 25:12,14. If you fear the Lord, He teaches you the way He chooses.
    So, if you fear the Lord, He teaches you His way like He did to Moses in Psalm 103: 17.
    He shows you His way and when you know the way of God, you will command His acts.
    The fear of the Lord connects you to the secrets of God. And when you have access to secrets, you are a master of success.
    People begin to wonder, what is the secret of this man?
    The secret of the man is that he has access to secrets.
    When you have the fear of the Lord, you connect Covenant. Do you know the meaning of covenant? This is what to do if you want Me to do this.
    Do this and God does that. You have access to covenant and nothing covers destiny like covenant.
    When you connected to covenant, you are connected to covering.
  4. The fear of the Lord is the secret of ‘transgenerational’ greatness. – Psalm 112:1-3
    There are great people whose children are not great. There are great people whose children children are not great. There are great people who disappeared when they died. But not men who fear God. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob ( Israel), David, Solomon. Just line up
    Achan didn’t fear God, he died with his family. Gehazi didn’t fear God, he secured leprosy for his generation.
    Nobody knows of a seed of Judas Iscariot today.
    Have you read Proverbs 20:7 before?
    Somebody say Amen, somebody say a louder amen, somebody say a loud most Amen.
    We had a woman who got us up every day by 5am. You can’t be sleeping beyond 5 to 6. Pray, scripture, hard word/ hard truth for little children.
    So as you grew up, you struggled to miss road, you couldn’t miss road.
    Hands laid before going to school. And then God said, ‘ go forward and be so and so’.
    You can never see the successful child of a herbalist. If he is successful today, he dies tomorrow. The wickedness of his father and his mother will never allow him to become anything.
    You won’t see profit from the price of prostitution. The house built by the prostitute has no future – marked for demolition.
    Am I communicating at all?
    I had a school mate in the university those days. The mother was living by prostitution. And sending him money to pay his school fees. At a point he was counselled to stop collecting that money.
    Which he did, if he was to have a future.
    Even though, the life still didn’t parch up well.
    If you care for your children’s future, be careful in the present.
    There are people who don’t care for the future of their next generation. They don’t care for their outcome.
    If you have any heart for your children’s future, be careful in the present.
    Don’t take money that is not yours.
    Don’t tell a lie to get a favor. Don’t destroy a home because you want money from a man. Don’t!
    Proverbs 13:22, did you see the contrast there?
    A good man, an upright man will always have deposits for the future of His children. All manner of deposits. But the sinner has no future with his resources.
    Whatever he gathers today is to be transferred to the just. Do you see the contrast?
    For a good man, he will never lack a person in that lineage that has something to transfer. But for a wicked man, anything he is labouring is for somebody else. Not his children.
    That will never be your portion.
    Somebody say a loud Amen.
    So for the security of your next generation, for the security of the generation of your children, be correct today.
    I pity those who collect bribe and use it to pay children’s school fees.
    I pity Children who are schooling from stolen money from their fathers.
    Pocket money is stolen. Corrupt fraudulent money. Cloth they are wearing is stolen money, car they are driving is stolen, house they built is stolen.
    What a future? What a tomorrow? No tomorrow!
    Because He said the curse of the Lord is in the house of a thief and God will destroy the chambers thereof. Zechariah 5:2-5
    Hallelujah, somebody say Amen, say a loud Amen.
    Is that preaching too hard?
    Do it well today so that your children can leave well tomorrow.
    So for tonight, we have seen that the fear of the Lord connects us to light, the fear of the Lord is fulfilment and satisfaction, the fear of the Lord is the escape way from the visitation of evil, the fear of the Lord gives us access to Divine wisdom, it gives us access to Divine secrets and it’s a key secrets to ‘transgenerational’ greatness.
    Having said all that, what makes the fear of the Lord possible. We will get into the detail of that maybe by sunday but it’s the understanding of two basic things from Ecclesiastes 12:13-14
  5. Understanding that reverencing God and keeping His commandments are key duties of man in the earth. Ecclesiastes 12:13.- That I exist to worship God, I exist to love Him, I exist for Him.
  6. Understanding that God shall bring our life’s work and actions into judgement at the end of time. Ecclesiastes 12:14. Whether it be good or evil. It’s not a matter of what you did, whether it is good or evil. The matter is, what fuelled it? What is the motive behind it. So, there are some good things that were fuelled by evil motives.
    Lift up your hands and worship Him.

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