How I Left My Wife By The Roadside In Anger – Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Adeboye has yet again inspired young men in Christian marriages through a recent testimony of how he managed to retain sanctity in his marriage to his wife, Folu Adeboye.

The General Oversea of the Redeemed Christian Church of God disclosed that he was once forced to leave his wife in the car by the roadside and walked a whole mile to another village over an argument which ensued in the car

Pastor Adeboye revealed that he and his wife got married at age 19 therefore it seemed some people were expecting them to have problems, and they were determined to disappoint such people. They made an agreement that both of them will never be angry at the same time. When one of them got angry, the other will keep quiet.

The agreement worked well and there were less issues. But one day, they nearly broke the agreement.

They were traveling to Lagos from Ilesha one day. Something made Mummy Folu angry and Pastor Adeboye said he knew she was right.

She had opportunity to hit the man of God well. She was talking while Pastor Adeboye was driving. He was angry as well but he could not talk and there was nowhere to run.

When Pastor Adeboye could not control it anymore, he parked the car and walked away because he did not want to break the rule.

He got down and walked back towards Ilesha. He left Mummy Folu in the car with the baby.

After walking for a mile, he got to a village where they were selling fruit. He bought and ate some and then took the remaining to her in the car.

By now, she was scared but when she saw him, she became happy.
Pastor Adeboye then presented her with the peace offering.

This he had to do in other not to break their agreement. And that was how they overcame one more time.

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