How many songs did Michael Jackson write himself?

Michael Jackson, often referred to as the “King of Pop,” was a prolific singer, songwriter, and dancer. While he is renowned for his exceptional vocal abilities and mesmerizing performances, he also contributed significantly to songwriting.

Throughout his career, Michael Jackson co-wrote many of his songs, either by himself or in collaboration with other songwriters. However, the exact number of songs he wrote entirely on his own can be challenging to determine definitively, as his songwriting credits varied across different albums and projects.

Some of the songs that Michael Jackson wrote by himself or is credited as the sole songwriter include hits like “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’,” “Billie Jean,” “Bad,” “Black or White,” “Heal the World,” and many others.

In summary, Michael Jackson wrote a significant number of songs himself, but the exact count might vary depending on how you define “writing a song” and the specific list of credits considered.


Michael Jackson’s songwriting prowess was one of the key elements that contributed to his immense success and impact on the music industry. His ability to craft catchy melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and innovative compositions played a crucial role in shaping the pop music landscape.

Apart from his solo work, Michael Jackson also collaborated with several other talented songwriters and producers throughout his career.

Some notable collaborators include Quincy Jones, Rod Temperton, Teddy Riley, and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, among others. Together, they created iconic albums like “Off the Wall,” “Thriller,” “Bad,” “Dangerous,” and “HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I.”

It’s essential to note that songwriting in the music industry often involves teamwork and contributions from multiple individuals, which makes it difficult to attribute a song entirely to a single person. Many songs are co-written, and the credits may include various combinations of artists and writers involved in the creative process.

Michael Jackson’s catalog of songs continues to resonate with fans worldwide, and his influence on contemporary artists is evident in the music of today. His legacy as a singer, dancer, and songwriter remains an enduring testament to his immense talent and lasting impact on popular culture.


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