Sarcastic twitter influencer Daniel Regha, posting against a Free Trip Airline offer

Daniel Regha, a popular Twitter influencer who rose to stardom through thorough criticisms of celebrities made a post today — one that as usual, Nigerians are laughing over. But I don’t find it funny.

According to him, he was in a flight for the first time in his life and guess what, it was for free; an airline reached out to him and offered to always give him free tickets for his local travels.
Let’s assume that Daniel Regha travels to two or three states within Nigeria monthly, it means that he won’t have to pay, the airline will always give him free tickets.

One would expect “any grateful soul” who gets such a favor to appreciate the airline by using their “influence” to advertise the airline, better still, if they didn’t enjoy the flight and they feel a need to criticize; they would do the criticism lowkey and move on.

However, this is not the case with Daniel Regha, and of course, this is Naijaàà where people hail mediocrity, otherwise, how can someone who has a lot to work on himself because almost everything about him is erroneóús strive on brútàl criticism of others without minding the negative effects of such on those he’s criticising, especially brands? We hail nonsense sha, that’s why Daniel Regha will continue to strive.

This guy tagged this airline, announced their offer, ‘thanked them’ anyway, and then what did he do next, read👇

“My first flight experience was bittersweet. The plane was kinda tight, heat wanted to finish us (passengers) & my outfit made it worse. On top of that we weren’t served good refreshments; Just one hot juice that’s smaller than Capri-Sonne, with packaged snacks plus one mentos, & passengers were sharing table water; Two people to one bottle. Like, what’s that? Fear almost klllllllédd me too, I over-prayed but enjoyed seeing the clouds. Dear airline, u know urself, do better…” Imagine! Just imagine!!!

…someone with a large followership writes this about a brand that offered him a favour that he didn’t decline?

How does a review as this benefit a brand? Isn’t this denting to the brand’s image especially coming from an “influencer” who is ‘supposed’ to hold referent power? Is this the best way to appreciate goodness?

He went further to write;

“My flight was free which I’m grateful for, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t complain about the airline’s poor services; Other passengers paid a huge sum & weren’t pleased either. We all had the same complaints. If customers don’t air their grievances, brands won’t improve.” Dàmn it bro! Let those who pay complain, you received a favor so shútt up!

People find this funny? Gósh!!! Sigh!

Eshi Ayo.

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