Bolt Drivers uses CNG to replace Petrol for Car Business in Nigeria

Two weeks ago, I saw this gas tank in the trunk of a Bolt driver’s car in Abuja.

He explained to me that it was Compressed Natural Gas or CNG. He converted his petrol engine to a gas engine.

A liter of petrol is equivalent to 1kg of CNG meaning that they can drive the same distance.

While a liter of petrol now costs N617, a kg of CNG is N100. So the bolt driver is making a proper living and spending way less than his colleagues. He spends less than N5k for a full tank of CNG and makes about 45k before he needs to refill his tank.

The only downside about CNG is that a full tank of it cannot take you the same distance that a full tank of petrol will for example if a full tank of petrol will take you to Okene from Abuja before you refill, a full tank of CNG will take you to Lokoja before you will refill.

But this isn’t even a disadvantage except you are an interstate driver.

I looked up CNG and found out that it is even more healthy for cars than petrol because it is a cleaner source of energy and leaves no residue on the engine.

The bolt driver told me that he’s praying for a liter of fuel to reach N1000 because Bolt will adjust prices for inflation while he makes more money and still spends less on fuel.

So my good people of Nigeria. It is time to abandon petrol and seek for alternative and cheaper fuels.

We are already seeing people using gas for generators, you can also use it for your cars.

May this new petrol price favour you and your family 🙏🏼

Cc brian daniel.

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