Humber International Entrance Scholarships 2023: Unlocking Academic Opportunities in Canada


Humber International Entrance Scholarships: Overview

The Humber College Entrance Scholarship 2023-2024 presents an incredible opportunity for international students seeking undergraduate and master’s degree programs in Canada. This fully funded scholarship program aims to support outstanding individuals in achieving their educational goals at Humber College.


Scholarship Availability and Types

The Humber International Entrance Scholarships offer a range of opportunities to deserving students. In January, one exceptional student will be awarded a full tuition scholarship, covering the entire cost of their chosen program. Additionally, a $5,000 scholarship will also be granted.

In September, Humber College will extend its support to a greater number of students. Seven scholarships worth $5,000 each and two scholarships worth $3,000 each will be available during this period. These scholarships significantly alleviate the financial burden associated with studying abroad.


Humber College: A Global Hub of Education

With over 3,000 international students from more than 130 countries, Humber College in Toronto, Canada, has gained recognition as a premier educational institution. Renowned for its comprehensive and diverse academic offerings, Humber College stands at the forefront of post-secondary education, providing a stimulating learning environment for students from all walks of life.

Humber College takes pride in its commitment to students’ success, particularly when it comes to financial matters. To this end, the college provides numerous scholarships for international students, ranging from one-time awards of $1,000 to renewable full tuition fee scholarships.


Scholarship Coverage and Renewal

The Humber International Entrance Scholarships offer substantial benefits to successful applicants. The full tuition scholarship and the $5,000 scholarship awarded in January, along with the seven $5,000 scholarships and two $3,000 scholarships in September, contribute directly to covering the recipients’ tuition fees. These scholarships are renewable, subject to the students maintaining a minimum average of 75%.


Eligibility Criteria for Humber International Entrance Scholarships

To be eligible for the Humber International Entrance Scholarships, applicants must meet specific requirements. These criteria may vary depending on the scholarship type, but generally include academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, leadership potential, and community engagement. Candidates must demonstrate outstanding achievements in their academic pursuits and showcase a genuine passion for their chosen field of study. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Proficiency in the English language.
  • Compliance with Humber’s English Language Requirements.
  • Students from all countries around the world are eligible.
  • Bachelor’s Degree scholarships are available to students directly transitioning from high school/secondary school.
  • Applications will be evaluated based on academic achievements, community involvement, reference letters, and a statement of interest.


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How to Apply for Humber International Entrance Scholarships?

Applying for the Humber International Entrance Scholarships is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Begin by applying for admission to Humber College.
  2. Upon acceptance, you will receive an acceptance package that includes the scholarship application form.
  3. Fill out the scholarship application form, providing your personal information, academic details, and English proficiency.
  4. Submit the completed application form within the specified deadline.

For more information on the Humber International Entrance Scholarships and to access the official website, please visit:

Official Website



The Humber International Entrance Scholarships 2023-2024 present an unparalleled opportunity for international students to pursue their academic aspirations in Canada. With a range of scholarships available, these awards not only provide financial support but also open doors to a world-class education at Humber College. Don’t miss out on this chance to unlock your potential and embark on an enriching educational journey.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Humber International Entrance Scholarships:

Are the Humber International Entrance Scholarships available for both undergraduate and master’s programs?

Yes, the scholarships are open to both undergraduate and master’s degree students.

How many scholarships are available in January and September?

In January, one full tuition scholarship and one $5,000 scholarship are available. In September, there are seven $5,000 scholarships and two $3,000 scholarships.

Can scholarship recipients renew their scholarships?

Yes, the scholarships are renewable. Recipients must maintain a minimum average of 75% to be eligible for renewal.

What criteria are considered during the selection process?

Academic achievements, community involvement, reference letters, and a statement of interest are taken into account during the evaluation of applications.

Where can I apply for the Humber International Entrance Scholarships?

To apply, visit the official website of Humber College and follow the instructions provided.


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