Twitter Monetization pays $100,000 to a Popular Influencer (How it works)


Elon Musk’s Twitter has started paying verified Twitter users for their posts online.

This comes after one popular profile got paid a staggering $100,000 (£76,275).

Elon Musk’s platform will now ‘help people earn a living directly on Twitter’ as it announced plans to kickstart monetization features just last night.


Elon Musk Now Paying Twitter Users With Blue Ticks For Posts, One Popular Account Already Paid $100,000

This scheme is only available to notable Twitter Blue subscribers, as creators will need to prove they received at least five million impressions on posts in the last three months.

The platform explains that the impressions are a total tally of times a tweet has been viewed, and funds to support those who fit the bill will be sourced from Twitter’s advert revenue.

It comes just a week after rival Meta, run by Mark Zuckerberg, released a similar platform called Threads, which has since had more than 100 million new sign-ups.

‘We’re expanding our creator monetization offering to include ads revenue sharing for creators,’ Twitter wrote last night.

‘This means that creators can get a share in ad revenue, starting in the replies to their posts. This is part of our effort to help people earn a living directly on Twitter.

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‘We’re rolling out the program more broadly later this month and all eligible creators will be able to apply.’

So far, some influencers have already received news of the funds they’ll be receiving.

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