How to Secure your Customers Attention Online


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Sis! Imagine this scenario with me.

Romanus likes Nkechi very well, but he hasn’t had the opportunity to express his feelings to Nkechi.

Each time he tries to send the signal to her, either she’s not catching it or she’s not paying attention to him.

He has tried everything within his power just to get Nkechi’s attention but he’s not getting any green light.

Hmmm, one day he happens to be in a sitting room where Nkechi was and several people were there too.

Unfortunately, there was a dim light in the room, Roma thought to himself that this was the best time to get his dream woman.

This guy kept winking his eyes to get the ATTENTION of Nkechi, he would turn sideways and try, she’s not seeing him.

He would take two steps forward, shift his chair a little, but all efforts to get Nkechi’s attention seemed to be very abortive.

Right in front of his eyes, another Bobo walked up to Nkechi and took her out of the sitting room.

Romanus why?

Sis! This is how some business owners are playing with their customers.

Honestly! They’re trying their best, but their best isn’t enough.

They don’t understand the rudiments of toasting a babe, hmm, sorry, positioning to grab their customer’s ATTENTION.

So if you permit me, here are five simple ways to grab your customers attention;

1. Create Pain-Centric Content:

Nell, what do you mean?

Create content that speaks to the pain of your potential customers.

You can’t and would never get the attention of your customers if what you’re creating isn’t speaking to their current reality.

Your content should be able to draw people to you and not the other way round.

2. Hook Them In With Stories:

Sis! You can never go wrong with storytelling! No matter how you want to flog it or paint it.

You can never go wrong with telling compelling stories. Stories about you, your business, your satisfied customers, etc.

If you can tell a good story, gaining attention would be second nature to you.

3. Go Where Your Customers Congregates The Most:

Sometimes your customers won’t come to you.

You would have to go to the places where they are to find them.

This is why you should be pally with Facebook groups, Influencers, online forums, events, etc.

You can’t find a whale in a lake, you would always find it in the sea. Go where your customers are.

4. Leverage Collaborations:

You can never go wrong with this idea. .

There are people that would never patronise you until they see you with certain associations.

There are some people you can never sell to until you show up with certain people.

You can’t blame them, that’s how life works.

Hmmm, I’ve shared enough here, I will leave number five for those that would join my sales challenge.

You don’t want to know what I’ve prepared for those that would join my Sales Challenge.

What you’ll learn here will increase your sales like never before!

Thank You!


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