My First time Pregnancy Experience: The Good, Bad Ugly and Testimony


The delivery didn’t look like the journey. I’ve seen people who got pregnant and still do a lot of things but mine was a different case

They say, you can’t predict the kind of hormones you will have during pregnancy 🤰
For me I saw the definition of sege 🥹

It was completely one battle from the other from the moment I knew I was pregnant, different complications and stories for every antenatal day. Several days, weeks and months on complete bed rest😫

If I sneeze, wahala
If I cough, problem
If I dance, gobeee
If I trek, complication
Premature labor was the order of the day for me, cyst nko? I had my share, high BP I get aam (don’t forget I was on total bed rest).


Depression almost got me because I wasn’t allowed to do anything (I can’t even if I wanted to), it was an expression of the spirit is willing but the body is weak. I will cry 😭 and cry sometimes till I couldn’t find tears again. 

But just look at us, EBENEZER came through so that his name might be glorified. He gave me Isaiah 41:10 and that was the only hope I held up to, that was my declaration when I don’t feel like it.


And in the midst of it all, God gave me the gifts of men

My Priest Peace @Ajiboye Olabanji my babe was supportive to the cure, he became my everything from bathing to cooking (he can cook up to 4 different food and I will still reject all🤓) this man had his own share of the shegee I went through but in all he never for once complained even though it wasn’t easy

And family came through, it is true when they say blood is thicker than water – my next post will do justice.

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