How much Wikipedia can earn via Adsense


Some one is about to be daze, just the same way, I was dazed when I got this Report.
I could not believe it, right from the 90s, and school days, we all understand that Wikipedia as always been a major source of Huge Web Traffic, because the volume of information that is available in there.

Most Relevance Search queries online today, often times, as Wikipedia as the fist page result, and it as grow as a Brand Globally over the years, to the end that, majority of Online Readers, have come to trust the content and information available on Wikipedia, than any other website in the world.

This is great, But i wanna show you something today, Wikipedia doers not earn money via any advertisement, because its a free information website, with lesser image, which makes the web pages to load pretty fast.

But, Guess what?
There was a report that was recently documented on on how much Wikipedia would earn, if it monetizes with Adsense and the calculation proves it will earn Millions of Dollars Monthly, I was amaze and am sure, most Bloggers and Adsense Publishers will be shocked too, knowing, how difficult, it can be sometimes, to get quality Traffic to your Blog, that has Adsense on it.
Well, let’s see what the report says;

How much Wikipedia can earn via Adsense

This is great!
For those who could not read the image above well, the report says;
” Maybe Close to $500 Million would be earn from Adsense on Wikipedia English Version”.
We also have another report here; estimate the website value of Wikipedia is currently at
$ 366,692,020 USD and reaches roughly 55,812,981 unique users each day that generate 167,438,893 daily pageviews with a daily revenue of $ 502,320 USD approximately.

The Google page rank is 9/10 and according to Alexa (the Web Information Company) the global traffic rank is 6 , the website belongs to the top 100,000 most popular websites in the world.

MONTHLY ESTIMATIONS – Unique Visitors: 1,674,389,430 | Revenue $15,069,600 USD | Unique Pageviews 5,023,166,790
YEARLY ESTIMATIONS – Unique Visitors 20,371,738,065 | Revenue $183,346,800 USD | Unique Pageviews 61,115,195,945

By the time, we calculate other language versions, then, we will be talking about some Billions of Dollars here.

I hope and believe, one of these days, As an Adsense Publisher, this would be my experience too.

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