Nigerian Man rescued from unknown Gunmen and Robbers on the Road in Anambra

Good morning Everyone
Please help me thank God for granting me and my co travellers Safety.

We left shagamu yesterday to Bakassi peninsula and within 24 hours we were with the most horrendous type of encounters that i have never in my life.
At umunze in anambra state around 4pm we ran into an gun battle between the unknown gunmen and Nigerian Army, without any prior information or provocation, about 3people we’re killed.

Getting to Abini in Cross River State, we ran into a den of robbers and while trying to escape our driver was shot on his shoulder.
Luckily we had a first aid kit to contain the bleeding.
We couldn’t stop the vehicle there and we couldn’t go back.
I took over the steering wheel, barely 10km from odukpani junction still within Cross River State, we ran into another group of robbers and they had already taken down about 2vehicles.
We tried to reach the military checkpoint at odukpani and all they told us was that theur “oga no drop money for fuel o”
We had to rendezvous about 15 vehicles that night heading to the same direction and had to take the risk and drive through that zone even with the gunshots we were hearing.
Luckily our evasive driving worked because they taught we were probably security personnels.

God brought us home safely and the driver is currently receiving treatment.
Please if your travelling or planning to travel by road, please make sure you have a first aid kit

Make sure the driver communicatates with other incoming drivers
Also travel without cash, it’s really cold and brutal outthere.
God saved us by the whiskers.

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