Simple Business Approach to Selling Online in Nigeria


Hello @everyone

I used to be that individual that feels when I share my knowledge for free, people won’t pay me for my knowledge.

Ahhh, are you serious Nelly?

You’re surprised abi?

Yes…. I USED to be like that.

I always used to hoard my knowledge, and give out the little I feel was worth sharing.


My life and business changed when I started sharing good and rich stuff for absolutely FREE.

It was as though someone opened the window of opportunities and channelled it to me.

So, this is me sharing some facts you need to hold tight if you want to up your game in this knowledge economy.

● Different Technology, Same Principles:

Many people fall in love with the idea of online business without thinking about the “business” part.

They imagine a world where they can press a few buttons on their phone and make magic internet money.

And while this world does exist, it’s not different from running a physical business, the same principles of business apply.

You create something of VALUE at a reasonable price and offer it to a customer in exchange for money.

That’s all there is to it. The only thing that changes is HOW you exchange money but the principles are the same.

● Shamelessly Sell Something:

You love my results abi, e dey enter your eye, you wish you could pack money the way I’m packing it.

Sis, you can’t pack this internet money if you’re not willing and ready to do what I do.

I go the EXTRA MILE when it comes to my marketing, I do what most people aren’t willing to do.

In my early days, I would pay for influencer marketing, it wouldn’t work. I would still go ahead and pay for more.

If you’re ashamed of selling shamelessly, do not feel ashamed of your results.

● Focus On One Thing At a Time:

Hope you’re learning from the way I market my products.

I started this year with selling my visibility webinar. I made 8k+ sales.

I went on to sell my signature program DSI, this one is PREMIUM, over 500 people signed up.

I did a virtual training with Chioma for women, over 4k women signed up.

After a while, I pushed out the physical training with Chioma, and we sold out.

Now I’m focused on marketing NBC Tradefair, vendor spots are sold out oo, I’m now marketing for people that will patronise my vendors.

Hope you’re learning from me and not just celebrating me.

● You Need A Buying Audience:

I have over 60k subscribers on my mailing list. They are a buying audience.

I have 314k followers on IG. They are a buying audience.

I have 68k followers on Facebook, they are a buying audience.

I have 28k members in this group, you are a buying audience.

I just started building on LinkedIn a few months ago, I am approaching 10k soon. I would soon monetise.

My twitter is approaching 10k soon, I would soon monetise them.

You need a buying audience to succeed in your online business.

I hope you’re learning from me and not just celebrating me.

Make I leave the rest for people wey pay for my physical training.

Otilo 🤣🤣

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