Hilda Baci sells something else other than food” — Pastor bashes chef

Hilda Baci sells something else other than food” — Pastor bashes chef over indecent dressing ✍️

An unidentified pastor has come forward to publicly criticize renowned chef Hilda Baci, accusing her of indecent dressing and suggesting that she sells more than just food.

Hilda Baci, who gained fame for her attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking hour, achieving a new record of 100 hours, has found herself at the center of controversy due to her wardrobe choices.

The unidentified Pastor, expressed his disapproval of Baci’s dressing making round the internet during a recent sermon.

According to Pastor, a person’s dressing style speaks volumes about their character. He pointed out some revealing photos on Baci’s Instagram page, suggesting that her choice of outfits indicates that she is selling something other than food.

He stated, “Hilda Baci dresses indecently, you can know a lot about a person by the way they dress. It doesn’t matter the Guinness World Record she breaks, she is selling something, but it’s definitely not food.”

The pastor’s comments have elicited various responses from social media users.

Some have come to Baci’s defense, emphasizing that a person’s past or appearance does not define their worth or abilities.

One user, Officialdesire_, cited examples from religious texts to argue that even individuals with perceived flaws have been used by God for significant purposes.

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