Why Guiness World Records are yet to announced Hilda Baci as New record Breaker

Guiness World Records reveals why they are yet to announce Hilda Baci as new record breaker:::::

The Guinness World Records have revealed why they are yet to announce Chef Hilda Baci the new record breaker for the longest cooking hours.

The famous Nigerian chef who has become the talk on social media earlier this morning broke the Guinness World Record for Marathon cooking.

The first female who is from India, Lata Tondon held the record breaker title for cooking continuously for eighty-seven hours, 45 minutes.

In the quest to be the new record breaker, Hilda Baci has vouched to cook for 96 hours. Currently she has done over 90 hours which gives her a few hours to end her cooking.

However, after she clocked the 87th hour, most fans and loved ones were expecting the Guinness World Records to announce on their official page that Hilda Baci is now the new title holder.

One fan tagged Guinness World Records on Twitter to ask why they are yet to talk about Hilda’s win. In response, they stated that they need to review all evidence to show if Hilda Baci complied with all the rules before officially confirming her record.

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