Happy 10years Wedding Anniversary to the Winlos (Photos)


One day, in the course of my NYSC, my pastor called me into his office.

Upon arrival, I saw a fair lady with beautiful but teary eyes.

Then my pastor said, “Ohis! This is Anwinli. She just joined the church but she’s heartbroken. Her fiance left her. I need you to take care of her and fix her up in church”.

He did this because at the time everyone used to refer to me as “The Minister of Women Affairs.”Because of my jovial personality, I was always loved by the ladies in church for godly reasons ooo🙈😃. Amennnnnn??

But you see that “fix her up” part he said, I heard it clearly and followed instructions. Today she is fixed and it also marks the 10th year we’ve been happily married 😍

Ten solid years.

Amidst the storm and rain, we have grown in strength. God has been kind to us and He has helped us stay faithful to the covenant of marriage we made.

Sweetheart, you are the answer to my prayer. You combine the fear of God with charm and beauty. A warrior on heels. What an incredible journey it has been.

Happy 10th year to us. I look forward to spending Forever with you Sweet❤️🥰

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