The Evil Called Examination Malpractice: Why you should avoid it as a Christian

The practice of cheating during examination is indirectly becoming a norm in our world today, however it is designed to ruin people’s mental capacity and also raise the next generation of mentally derailed people, people engage in this practice across the world for various reasons but no matter what the basis for engaging in it, it leads to no future.


I will go into details on this subject in this article today, because I was a victim of it, the consequence is not friendly at all. Many children were raised poorly from their home and the school that should reshape them is also not helping, the system sometimes embrace some level of compromise so as to make their student excel in international examination like WAEC, JAMB, and even final year examinations in the University, whatever your reason for engaging in this practice maybe, it doesn’t make you a good person and it won’t take you to the top. The Bible says Righteousness exalts a Nation, sin a reproach (Prov 14:34). It takes uprightness to go up in life,it takes righteousness to be a person of impact and a force to be reckoned with. 


The first challenge with students who engage in malpractices for secondary school examination like JAMB, WAEC and other University entry examination do face is, your real mental capacity will be denied of you, you can know better than your teachers if you are diligent and hard working, especially if you are fortunate to encounter a good teacher, you will be surprise to realize you are NOT  a failure, you just need to be more diligent in your studies to become the best student in your class.


It happened to me while i was preparing for my WAEC, there was this guy that came to train us, he was a 300L student of ABU, he taught us Chemistry, Physics and mathematics, I began to understand it much better than I ever did when our school teachers taught us, before the examination date arrived, I was fully prepared for it and I bless God because I passed gallantly, (even though I thought I was a failure), if you are not subject to mental exercise you will be forever limited, great leaders are made out of great study and reading which is continuous, so if you want to be at your best mentally, get relevant materials, book in the area of your study and study hard, shutdown every distraction, there is no exploits without focus, you need a level of concentration for you to command great exploits mentally and in your academic field.


Why You Should Avoid Exam Malpractice


  1. It is a Sin against God: God wants you to live right as a child of God, he wants you to live in obedience to his word and his will, and God is never in support of cheating in any way, you cannot be in obedience when you are cheating at a young age, you need to live a life of the fear of God and uprightness, so as to end up at the Top and fulfill your destiny. (Exodus 20:15, Deut 5:19).
  2. It destroys our Society: We have a bunch of corrupt politicians and leaders in power today, not because they can not do right, but because they have been used to cheating from a young age, this is how wickedness starts small, and grow into bigger things, from cheating in the examination hall to cheating in governorship and presidency. When young people are fond of cheating in the exam hall, the problem is not the exam, the problem is the lifestyle that is growing from their inside, now a young man will  not want to work hard, he believe he can pay his way or cheat his way upward, also a lady will be willing to lay down her body to secure a job or promotion at work, this kind of corruption and evil ruins and destroy our world, it raises people who lack the fear of God and it also brings the wrath of God on the people. (Prov 14:34, ).
  3. It Destroys the Heritage of the Next Generation: This is strictly to school owners, lecturers, teachers and parents, when you allow students to buy their way into a class or pay to pass exams, you’re destroying the heritage of the next generation, you’re denying them of the right experience of living uprightly, and if they go into the future that way, they will become hooligans, they will become thieves, they will steal, cheat and even pass it on to their children, so you can see it has a collateral damage from one generation to another. I have seen parent encourage their children to do what is not right, even in some Christian homes, the child will even tell the parent this is not right, but they will insist, at this point in time, the child is confused as touching whether the word of God is true or serving Jesus Christ is worth it, because parents who suppose to be the source of light have been used as an agent of manipulation that is misleading the younger generation. This is how compromise creeps into our society and the church altogether. We must be intentional about avoiding what will bring ruin on the next generation.
  4. It Brings the wrath of God upon the land: When the people of God, or even the world decides to live against the ways of God, and go about their own lives and do as they please, it invites the wrath of God on the people, this is so true, there are great destinies that are not fulfilled today because the process of rising was wrong, it was unclean, and people don’t know that “You cannot enter right through the door of wrong”. There are many youth out there today who don’t have Jobs simply because their certificate was gotten wrongly, it was not their work, they cheated to achieve that result and now the result is useless, because the blessings of God cannot come upon what is not yours, your certificate is a lie, there is no way the blessings of God can come upon it, why? Because the Bible says; Righteousness exalts a Nation, sin is a reproach to a people (Prov 4:34), If you want to be exalted, follow the way of righteousness and uprightness in all you do and in due season, God of heaven will lift you up. In the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, the wrath of God came heavily on the people because they turn their back against God, they continued in their evil ways, they committed all forms of atrocities, the anger of God was kindled against them and the land was destroyed, if we must avoid the wrath of God by all means, then we must embrace the life of righteousness, uprightness and right conduct, this approach must continue from one generation to another ( Psalm 145:4).
  5. It brings Poverty and Penury: When students begin to cheat in school and they make their way out, if that lifestyle does not change, it will lead to poverty and penury. Academic system was designed to help shape people’s destiny, mindset and belief system appropriately so as to make them fit for industry smooth running, there is a level of knowledge you are meant to have before you can be employed at certain offices and industry, if you don’t have the knowledge, the manners, the understanding and character, you will not be able to fit into that office, and when you keep cheating your way up, it will ruin the appropriate training you should have had, thereby making you unfit for that kind of reward you desire, this is how cheating and manipulating ruins people’s future and destiny. Those that are supposed to have been great engineers, doctors and more are nowhere to be found today, because they cheated their way up, please beloved of God, let us embrace the life of righteousness and uprightness.


God bless you as you choose to live right in Jesus name,

Written by Pastor Matthew Akanni.

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