Dunamis Homechurch: THE COVERING OF THE LORD


6.00pm– 7.00 pm                                                Saturday 13th May, 2023.



  1. INTRODUCTION: It is confirmed that we live in a world of very terrible wickedness that has become bold and gone public. So, in a time such as this, what do we do? We need to take cover! And the best place we can take cover is in God. This is why in our study today, we shall be unveiling the various channels of the covering of the God.
  3. The Presence of the Lord (Psalms 91:1). The Lord uses His Presence to cover and shield His people.
  4. The Terror of the Lord (Genesis 35:5).
  5. The Glory of the Lord (Isaiah 4:5, Numbers 16:42)
  6. The Blood of the Lamb (Exo. 12:12)
  7. The wall of fire (Zech. 2:5)
  8. COUNSEL: Never move about with an uncovered head, take cover under God always
  9. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Your father determines your cover; your priest determines your shield
  10. PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Daily make demands on the mantle of preservation and cover upon your pastor and commission to be active on your life


  1. Father, thank You for the privilege of knowing You. Thank You also for the multiplications and cell plantings of last week. Be glorified LORD, in Jesus’ Name – John 1:2
  2. Father, we ask that You cause Your acts in our midst to turn whole cities and territories to You in salvation and discipleship at Dunamis Lord, in Jesus’ Name. Acts 9:34-35.
  3. Father, we ask that You will arise this day and let Your enemies and the enemies of Your Church, Dunamis and her members be scattered in this season, in Jesus’ Name. Psalms 68:1
  4. Father, we ask that You will expose and dissolve every negative plan by the evil politicians in our Nation to undo Your purpose for our Nation in this season Lord. Prove to them that You rule in the affairs of men Lord, in Jesus’ Name. Daniel 4:17.
  5. Father, any satanic force planted to monitor my life and destiny, I declare them uprooted by fire! Everything that followed me from childhood determining to mess up my life, their tenure expires. Every plot and plan of the enemy against my life and family is hereby frustrated NOW, in Jesus’ Name. Job 5:12
  6. Father, thank You Lord for the privilege of praying. Glory be to You Lord, in Jesus’ Name- Matt. 7:7


Event Time Duration Coordinator
Welcome 2 mins 6:00PM -6:02PM
Opening Prayer 2mins 6:02PM -6:04PM
Praise & Worship 7mins 6:04PM -6:11PM
Testimonies 5 mins 6:11PM -6:16PM
Manual Study 15 mins 6:16PM -6:31PM
DHC Kingdom Advancement Prayers 15 mins 6:31PM -6:46PM
Prayer for needs 10mins 6:46PM -6:56PM
Announcement 2 mins 6:56PM -6:58PM
Closing prayers 2 mins 6:58PM – 7:00PM


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