Story of how French women poison their husband in History

There was a French city where, during the Middle Ages, the women had an odd habit. In the morning, married women would put a small dose of poison in the breakfast they had prepared for their husbands.

Later on, when their men returned home during the evening, they would be given the antidote.

In this way, the poison would not become harmful and affect them. There was a strict reason for this practice. Should the husbands remain elsewhere for too long, as the administration of the antidote got delayed, the men would end up experiencing symptoms like nausea, headaches, depression, vomiting, pain or shortness of breath.

The longer the man delayed to return home to his wife, the sicker he would get. And, ultimately, when he finally returned home, his wife unknowingly gave him the antidote. In this way, within a few minutes, he quickly started feeling better.

All of this worked as a trick, giving men the impression that being away from home would lead to pain and depression. Therefore, the husbands would become more attached to their homes and their wives.

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