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If you’re looking for fast money, this might not be for you.

But if you can delay gratification for about 30 to 90 days, you would definitely make some cool cash for yourself

There’s this guy on Instagram, he was doing a nine to five with an amazing company in Abuja, and wasn’t making any money apart from what he was getting from his job.

Note: he hasn’t made any dime on social media before, his only source of income was his job.

He has a little following on Instagram, say 500 to 1k followers, and was creating content as a hubby, he creates the content when he’s less busy.

Some days he would create video content, other days he would just scribble carousels and share on his page.

A day came when he took it upon himself to embark on a 30-day content creation challenge.

His goal was just to increase his followers from 1k to about 2k after the 30 days challenge he gave himself.

To his astonishment, he moved from just having 1k followers to over 4.5k followers at the end of the 30 days content creation challenge.

What changed?

He was consistent in dishing valuable content that his audience loved.

That’s not all, seeing his growth, people started reaching out, asking how he was creating these amazing videos, he was giving free tips, people were getting results.

His close friend told him, guy if people are demanding for something it means there is a fraction of those people that would be very willing to pay for it.

Ask them to pay, and see what they will say, hmmmm, he said, that’s not true, how can people pay for something this common.

Out of positive peer pressure, he decided to do a free class. About 250 people joined the class. It was successful, they implemented what he taught them and they got results.

When he saw their results, sharp guy, he quickly put up a class and priced it at 5k.

He told them he only wanted 50 people, in 24 hours 50 people paid, and more people were still waiting to join.

He opened another group and received payment from another 50 people. In less than 72 hours he had made his 7 months salary in 3 days.

Today this guy is an Influencer on Instagram with more than 100k followers.

What was his secret?


The easiest way to make money on this space without spending so much money on ads is,


I don’t mean snapping your face and posting on social media and calling yourself a content creator o, nah, that’s not it.

Pick a subject you’re very good at, something you know you can talk about even in your sleep.

Start writing about it, or you start creating cool videos, depending on the app you want to use.

Give yourself a 30 to 90 days content creation challenge. At the end of the challenge, based on the questions people would be asking you.

Create a free class around it, then upsell them to a higher version of what you shared.

This can work for both physical or digital products even for service based businesses.

I am rooting for you.

Thank You.

Nelly Agbogu

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