How David Choe built Wealth via Facebook stock

In 2005, Facebook was growing big, they had just got an office space and needed to make it look nice and appealing, so they went in search of who to design this office.

They called upon a Grafitti artiste called David Choe to help with the designs, David must have charged a few hundred dollars or a couple of thousands of dollars to get the job done,

They (Facebook) couldn’t pay David in cash, as there weren’t enough money to throw around hence they persuaded and pleaded with David to take that pay in exchange of Facebook stock.

Not many people would have taken their pay as a Facebook stock because as at then who knew if Facebook would survive? They (Facebook) were just a growing startup.

Guess what? Fast forward 10years later, in 2015, the stock was valued at $200 million.

It’s 2023 now, online sources suggests Dave Choe stock is still worth over $300 million— he must have lived off the proceeds yet still worths so much.

Sometimes, we eat our seeds. I wish this young lady converts the entire money into an Innoson stock, because with or without innoson’s intervention she would have still gone to school and had several expenses either way.

~ Fidelis.

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