Omo, today no deep stuff, just something to make you relax, and rethink your paths in business.

Side note: The best song to go with this post is “Who’s Your Guy by Spyro” and you can add a cup of coffee if you like.

Yesterday I talked about the need to have masterminds as a business owner, while that is great, you also need your “guy(s)”

In business you need people who can challenge you to become better, people you can exchange ideas with, and discuss money making opportunities with you.

This is one of the reasons I cherish my relationship with Chioma and our mutual friends.

There’s never a time where you would catch us talking gibberish or gossiping about anybody.

Moments spent with my guys are all about how to make money, the next idea we can launch to make it big, the next trend we can leverage to dominate our respective niches.

The other day Chioma dragged me to a spa for a massage, reaching there we didn’t just have our massage, after the massage, we sat at the office there to discuss business and money making ventures.

Chioma was even lecturing one of our mutual friends on how she can enter new markets with her business.

That’s how me and my guys roll, no time for gossip, no time for backbiting, no time for tatafo discussion, no time for empty gist, it’s either we are encouraging ourselves in the Lord or we are exchanging business ideas.

Yes, we might not agree on all grounds, we debate most times on certain subjects, but we have our common grounds.

Omo, nothing can come between me and my guys, not even money or business.

I did a poll for my DSI people the other day, I asked them “which one hurts more, losing a relationship or losing a business?”

Majority of them said, losing a relationship would hurt more.

Omo, there are certain kinds of relationships I can sacrifice my business for.

No capping, I’m telling you.

Some relationships are worth more than the total valuation of most businesses.

Some relationships are worth more than gold, even the most expensive gold can’t be compared to them.

People that don’t just do kind acts, but they are kind in heart.

Relationships that would not just give you gifts but will be a gift to you and your business.

The greatest gift you can ever pray for is the priceless gift of good people.

No wonder the bible says there’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

I now understand why Jonathan would stick so close to David the way he did.

Sis, who’s your guy in business?

Brotherly, who’s your guy in business?

If you have all the money in this world, and you don’t have that one person that can show up for you when the chips are down.

If an emergency comes up now, who can you call that would show up for you without breaking a sweat.

If you have no one….

You’re POOR!!!

Read my lips…..


As you enjoy your weekend, think about these things that I have written.

Oya, you can turn off the song now.

I am rooting for you.

Thank You

Nelly Agbogu

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