6.00pm– 7.00 pm                                                Saturday 6th May, 2023.


TEXT: ROMANS 10:8,17

  1. INTRODUCTION: Faith is very crucial to the existence of the child of God. No wonder the enemy directly attacks the faith of the saint. If faith must be kept, there must be a fight. So, faith must be enhanced or helped to stand. Thus, what do we do to enhance or help faith to stand? This is what we shall x-ray in our study today.
  3. Continually feed your spirit with the Word of God (Heb. 13:7). The presence of the Word is the presence of faith.
  4. Avoid the company of negative talkers and negative people (Num. 13:33-14:3). What you hear determines what you fear. What you hear determines how you fare
  5. Feed your spirit with good reports and testimonies of the acts of God (Judg. 5:10-11). The testimonies of the acts of God give you the capacity to dare the devil
  6. Keep watch over your eye-gate against negative input (Lam. 3:51). What the eyes see affect what the heart feels. You need scriptures to tackle negative pictures
  7. Spend time to know your God (Heb. 11:6). The knowledge of God imparts confidence in God. The more of God you know, the more in Him you trust.
  8. COUNSEL: Faith must be fed if it must grow. Faith must be fed if it must not fail
  9. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: You need scriptures to tackle negative pictures
  10. PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Clean your shelve of every material like books or movies that contain negative contend powered to deflate your faith.


1.Father, we thank You for the gift of life and for the privilege of a new month. Thank You also for the multiplications and cell plantings of last month. To You be all the Glory, in Jesus’ Name – Psalms 150:6

  1. Father, we ask for the harvest of multitudes this month of May. We ask Lord that You will lift up Your Son, Jesus Christ in Your Church, Dunamis and draw souls unto Yourself for salvation and discipleship, Lord, in Jesus’ Name. John 12:32.
  2. Father, we ask that You will hide Dunamis and her members in Your secret place and cause us to abide under the protective shadow of Your wings from every onslaught of the wicked Lord, in Jesus’ Name. PS. 91:1
  3. Father, we ask that You will bring to an abrupt end the seeming triumph of falsehood, evil and corruption in our Nation, Nigeria. Cause Your righteous judgment and truth to prevail in our Nation, Lord, in Jesus’ Name. Job 20:5-6.
  4. Father, terminate every satanic limitation from my life, family and destiny. In this month of May, I step into my liberty by the Blood of Jesus Christ. MAY Must favour me all round, in Jesus’ Name. Isaiah 10:27.
  5. Father, thank You Lord for the privilege of intercession and results. Take all the Glory, in Jesus’ Name. Matt. 7:7.


Event Time Duration Coordinator
Welcome 2 mins 6:00PM -6:02PM
Opening Prayer 2mins 6:02PM -6:04PM
Praise & Worship 7mins 6:04PM -6:11PM
Testimonies 5 mins 6:11PM -6:16PM
Manual Study 15 mins 6:16PM -6:31PM
DHC Kingdom Advancement Prayers 15 mins 6:31PM -6:46PM
Prayer for needs 10mins 6:46PM -6:56PM
Announcement 2 mins 6:56PM -6:58PM
Closing prayers 2 mins 6:58PM – 7:00PM


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