THE VALUE OF FAITH (1&2) By: Dr Paul Enenche

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By: Dr Paul Enenche

SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the necessity and the value of faith in the life of the child of God

1. In life, value and purpose define pursuit
Nothing is pursued until its value is perceived

2. Faith is so critical to the life of the child of God that it is the subject of enemy attack and contention (1 Tim. 6:12; Jude 1:3)
Faith will attract contention

3. Bible feat is the product of Bible faith
If we must see the results of yesteryears, we must release the belief of the people of yesteryears

4. Value and purpose bring distinction (Isa. 60:1)
If we see differently we act differently

5. Faith begins to become a rare commodity as we approach the end of the age (Luke 18:8)

6. A life not lived by faith has been left to fate (Hab. 2:4)
A life not lived by faith is left to chance and when you leave your life to chance, you leave your life no chance

1. Faith is necessary to life because the just shall live by faith (Hab. 2:4; Rom. 1:17; Gal. 3:11; Heb. 10:38)
The quality and durability of life are anchored on faith
The devil tries to shake your faith so that he can shake your life

2. Faith is key to inheritance (Heb. 6:12; Matt. 9:29; Deut. 29:29; Heb. 11:6; Deut. 2:24)
What belongs to you in God is receivable by the force/instrumentality of faith
2a. Faith is needed to know that there is something belonging to you in God (Deut. 29:29; Heb. 11:6)
2b. Faith is needed to ward off all the forces of hell that try to deprive you of what is yours in God (Deut. 2:24)

3. Faith is the currency of the supernatural (Heb. 11:1-2, 32-34)
Faith is the currency with which supernatural results are obtained
Faith carries purchasing power in the realm of the Spirit; if God has it to release, it requires faith to receive.
To run out of faith is to run out of results, so determine to maintain your faith

4. Faith is key to life’s outcome and possibilities (Matt. 9:29; Mark 9:23)
Life’s outcome is anchored on faith
It is not unto you according to your family background, it is unto you according to your faith (Matt. 9:29)
Don’t go far from God, otherwise the worst in you manifests
In the face of faith, the devil is helpless against you.
Your faith must be in place so that your life is not functioning according to the will and wish of the devil
Your faith gives you the power of choice in the affairs of life
Every time you have a confrontation with a devil, never let that devil have the final say.

5. Faith is key to joy (1 Pet. 1:8; Rom. 5:2)
People of faith are excited, exciting and excitable people.
Faith makes you see the invisible so you dare the undareable, believe the incredible and do the impossible.
‘I cannot live without succeeding and I cannot die a failure; so it is either I succeed or I succeed!’
No matter how hard the devil tries, all things are working together for our good; you have been called to be glorified not shamified (Rom. 8:28-30)
The journey of faith says, if the devil could not stop God from saving you, the devil cannot stop Him from glorifying you (Rom. 8:30)
Don’t use anybody’s experience to decide what your experience should be, use the word of God to
decide what your experience should be!

6. Faith is key to health and wholeness (Matt. 15:26-28; Mark 5:30-34; Eph. 6:16)
Health and wholeness are facilitated in God
6a. Faith is a shield against the arrows of strange diseases and satanic afflictions (Eph. 6:16)
6b. Faith is a spiritual wire for the transmission of healing virtue
If faith is necessary for wholeness and health it means faith is necessary for life
Once accepted it is established once rejected it is ejected

7. Faith is key to supernatural supply (Matt. 6:11; Ps. 68:19; 27:13; Luke 5:4-5; John 2:5)
Goodies and supplies from the Lord are accessible by faith
The limit of your faith is the limit of your supplies and results
– Any area of your life, business and endeavour where you asking God for supernatural supplies, I call it done!

8. Faith is key to power (Acts 6:8; 1Pet. 1:5; Mark 5:30; Acts 14:8-11)
Faith is the switch of power; when you are full of faith you must be full of power, you cannot be full of faith and not be full of power (Acts 6:8)
The deployment of faith is the deployment of power
If you don’t want to be a powerless Christian, build your Faith

9. Faith sets the limit of destiny (Heb. 11:3; Mark 10:46-48)
It takes your Faith to frame your world; faith is what determines the borders, boundaries and barriers of your life. If the world you live in is choking you, expand it by faith.
If where you are is too tight, it is not the fault of the world you are living in, it is the fault of your faith; upgrade your faith and you will upgrade your life.
The limit of your life is not determined by who gave birth to you, your background or environment; the limit of your life is defined by your faith.

10. Faith is key to rest (Heb. 4:3; Mark 4:36-39; Ps. 46:1-3; 9-10; Acts 12:6-7)
To believe is to enter rest.
Faith imparts rest, assurance, confidence and stability while faithlessness imparts anxiety, worry, restlessness, hopelessness and despair.
1. The ship was full of water but didn’t sink
2. The Master was inside water but didn’t wake.
This is called the peace of God that does not make sense (Mark 4:36-39).
Why should Peter sleep without fear? (Acts 12:6-7)
1. God Who did it before has not died
2. Angels are not in short supply
3. I know what He would do again if I remember what He did before.

Give the building of your faith all the effort you have got (Rom. 4:20; 10:17)
Do all you can to build your faith; do everything you can to keep your faith healthy and alive
If the devil cannot stop your justification, he can never stop your glorification; We have not been justified to be shamified we have been justified to be glorified (Rom. 8:28-30)
When your faith is built there is automacity of response
Drunkards don’t rehearse drunkenness; it comes naturally out of liquor

Father, thank You for Your Glory allocation for my life, family, the church in Nigeria, this church,
Dunamis, and our nation, Nigeria; Father, we step into that glory now Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

– Whatever belongs to you or your lineage that the devil is preventing you from accessing, you are stepping into it today!
– That embargo is lifted! And that yoke is broken!
– What they said people on your family cannot touch, you will be the first to touch it! Where they said people in your family cannot reach, you will be the first to reach it!
– The state of this nation notwithstanding, God shall cause your destiny to be fulfilled!
– God shall rescue this nation for the sake of the saints
– Before the next 72 hours, the Word you just heard will produce for you a result!
– Every thing my Father in Heaven has not planted in your life is checked back to hell now!
– Everything crooked in your life is straightened now!
– I see God taking charge of the future; I see God taking charge of tomorrow!
– I see God vindicating you and vindicating your stand for Him!
– Every strange disease and affliction from hell in your body is retrieved and refired to hell!
– Whatever is the limit of your life and destiny, that limit is lifted right now!
– You are about to sleep on the devil, the affliction and challenge!
– Receive an invasion of the Glory of God now!
– That altar of insanity in your family line is arrested now!
– Every altar in your father’s house fighting your destiny is set on fire!
– Every witchcraft altar and agenda of the pit of hell against your life and family, I declare it is arrested!
– Anyone who has any burden, or any concern in your life, I declare the burden/concern is over and the agenda of hell is cancelled!

– The God who kept us hitch free for 29 solid years, give you the same stress free experience; marital, career and family stress free experience!
– The limitations of your father’s house, ancestral, witchcraft and generational limitations will never be able to prevail in your life, family and marriage!
– Any young lady or man up to the age of marriage, that is being delayed by any force, today that force is arrested!
– Everyone up to the time to give birth to their children and you are experiencing delay, by this time next year, your children are already in your hands!
– Every marriage experiencing crisis, peace be still!
– Every marriage experiencing affliction, sickness of wife, husband or children, I declare the arrows of affliction retrieved and refired back to hell!
– Every marriage suffering from poverty, wretchedness and empty-handedness, your tenure of struggle is over forever!
– Every marriage that is a victim of strange women or men, people assigned from hell to split or scatter the marriage; I arrest those demonic agents and those forces of hell and send them back to hell!
– Whatever God has helped this church with that you desire is now your portion!
– I declare the documents in your hands blessed now
– I declare what is in your hands will begin to produce desired results!
– Those who want to start a new marital journey, I ask that you will not miss the plan of God for your life, may you not marry a wrong man or woman!
– The expectations are blessed!
– Whatever you came here with, any affliction in your body or sickness I declare it over now!

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