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Omo, sometimes I feel like minding my business, but I already love you and I can’t stop loving you.

And one way I show this love is going out of my way to share stuff that can help you when it’s convenient and when it’s not convenient.

I’m committed to your growth, and I won’t stop till we all dine at the top…

Oya oo, month end is approaching with speed, Nneka and Williams will request for their bank statement to see how they performed this month.

And they will still scream “God abeg na, my money is always developing wings”.

Nneka will see 15 million as total credits but what is left in her bank account isn’t up to 200k.

In fact what used to always finish her money is emergencies, her family emergency, her neighbour’s emergency, her church emergency, her mosque emergency, na so so emergency dey finish Nneka money.

I don’t know if Willy will be wise this month of may and implement what I’m about to share.

Because the other day he and his guys were coming back from a party around past 8pm, they waited for a cab but didn’t see and decided to take a stroll instead of booking a bolt.

At a dark corner, some armed bobos pulled out from a cab and asked all of them to go down, omo Willy and his guys charged back oo,

In the process of the charging “we no go down and wetin dey happen here na”

One of the armed guys stabbed Willy’s friend on his left lap. After much charging, the guys left without taking a pin from them.

As they were about to leave, the victim shouted Willyyyyy, Dem stab me oo.

Willy and his guys rushed their friend to a nearby hospital. They declared an emergency, and Willy’s friend was taken to the emergency room.

In the process of the stitching, they charged Willy 80k for the treatment, ahhh for just the wound Willy asked.

Yes the doctor replied, that’s our policy here, and it can’t be broken.

Nobody there had money, apart from Willy, the money he had in his other accounts was his little savings, he had to bring it out and pay for the treatment.

He was happy that his friend was revived, but his savings were gone. If Willy was a good money manager maybe he would have had an emergency fund.

Please ooo, don’t be like Willy. As you’re making your money from all your streams of income, ensure you have a percentage for emergency funds.

They don’t announce themselves, they are unplanned, and they always come when you least expect it.

So here’s what you can do in order not to be like Willy…

Use a formula called the SIX JARS OF WEALTH.

Create different accounts for your money and distribute it accurately.

Jar One: 10% for Tithe (whatever you want to call it).

Jar Two: 30% for Savings.

Jar Three: 30% for Expenses.

Jar Four: 15% For Emergency Funds.

Jar Five: 10% For Enjoyment

Jar Six: 5% For Giving.

See, do what works for you, I just put those numbers there.

This way your money is distributed accurately and you won’t always be under pressure for emergencies.

Thank You.

Nelly Agbogu

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