6.00pm– 7.00 pm                    Saturday 11th June, 2022.




It is copiously established from the Scripture that wisdom gives life to those who possess it (Prov. 15:24).  On the contrary, foolishness facilitates destruction. Note that, the Preservation of life is not only tied to prayer and fasting, so long as a person is foolish, disaster can be invited. The truth is, not every cause of death was because of the devil, some were majorly caused by foolishness. So, in a desperate season as this, what wisdom keys do we need to possess that will guarantee our preservation? This is what we shall understudy today.  


1. Dwell in the secret place of the Most-High (Ps. 91:1, 23:4). Maintain intimacy with God. The way of intimacy is the way of security.

2. Avoid the wrong company (Prov, 13:20). Your company determines your security (2 Chron. 18:29-31). Don’t ever love, fear or respect anyone enough to disobey the leading of the Holy Spirit because it will be to your detriment. It was by listening to the old prophet that the young prophet (man of God from Judah) lost his life. (1 Kings 13:1-26).

C. COUNSEL: Be careful with anyone who always bring you face to face with danger

D. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The way of intimacy is the way of security.

E. PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Instantly give space or reduce interaction with anyone whose life or ways you are not sure of


1. Father, thank You for today and the packages of this day. Thank You for the multiplications and cell plantings of last week. Be thou glorified, in Jesus’ Name – Psalms 68:19.

2. Father, we ask for the wind of Your Spirit to blow in the harvest of the multitudes into Your church-Dunamis this week. Bring the multitudes together to worship You Lord, in Jesus’ Name. Acts 2:1,6.

3. Oh Lord, shield Your church, Dunamis and her members from the wickedness and anger of the enemy and his agents. Let every confronting devil and their agents be engulfed and destroyed by the fire of Your presence Lord, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Zechariah 2:5

4. Father, we ask for a sweeping move of Your fire and judgment throughout Nigeria. Deliver Nigeria and the nations of the world from the hands of evil and wicked men, Lord, in Jesus’ Name. Psalms 11:5-7.

5. In the Name of Jesus, every evil weapon, every evil stone, every coffin, every grave, every evil net, every trap of calamity set for me, my children, my spouse or my loved ones BACK-FIRE TO SENDERS NOW! Every evil altar where they submitted my name, my destiny or family for evil, I command the altars to CATCH-FIRE NOW, I declare the release of my destiny now, in Jesus’ Name. Prov. 26:27

6. Father, I appreciate You for drastic answers. Be exalted Lord, in Jesus’ Name- Matt. 7:7-8


Welcome2 mins6:00PM -6:02PM
Opening Prayer2mins6:02PM -6:04PM
Praise & Worship7mins6:04PM -6:11PM
Testimonies5 mins6:11PM -6:16PM
Manual study15 mins6:16PM -6:31PM
DHC Kingdom Advancement Prayers15 mins6:31PM -6:46PM
Prayer for needs10mins6:46PM -6:56PM
Announcement2 mins6:56PM -6:58PM
Closing prayers2 mins6:58PM -7:00PM

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