1. Don’t take it personally, it’s a general problem affecting everybody. Don’t go and be displaying your nakedness in the bank, those who did didn’t get shishi.

2. Suspend all your projects for now until things normalize. Don’t kill yourself because you have set a target for yourself.

3. The most important thing now is feeding and health. It’s not bad if you touch your savings at this time to survive.

4. Reduce going about to places that are not very important.

5. Stop the unnecessary show of affluence and you don’t have to impress anyone now. If you cannot maintain your standard please reduce it for now. If you don’t eat meat this time you won’t die.

6. Avoid bad and shocking news if you can, especially if you already have high blood pressure. Instead listen to good music, watch comedies and laugh out stress.

7. This is not the time to forsake God or get discouraged in serving God. In fact this is the time to serve God more. But avoid going to strange places, prayer houses, prophets etc for help.

May God see us through, amen.

Do have a great week ahead.

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