UK Acceptance of Nigerian Teachers Via QTS (Qualified Teachers Status) officially starts today- February 1, 2023

Please take note of this information before you apply:

1. Only University Degree is allowed. NCE, Grade II from Nigeria does not meet the requirements.

2. The teachers should be qualified to teach children aged 11-16 in one of the following subjects (Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Madarin, Russian, Spanish).

3. Your qualification (Certificate or transcript) must show you can teach one of the above subjects or at least 50% of the applicant’s university degree should reflect one of the subjects above.

4. You will need to upload your proof of qualification (University Certificate and Transcript)

5. The good news is that Nigerian Teachers do not need to write any Test of English(e.g IELTS) as long as your course was completely taught in English Language. So, you need to request “English Language Proficiency” document form your University.

6. You will need to upload one of these Proofs of Identity (International Passport, Birth Certificate, National ID)- Marriage Certificate as a supplement document can be uploaded for our females that have changed their names.

7. You will need to provide a Letter of Professional Standing from the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).

8. You cannot send Letter of Professional Standing from TRCN yourself. You will need to apply via

9. The applicant needs to contact TRCN to send the Letter of Professional Standing to

10. The Letter of Professional Standing must be dated 3 months the applicant applies for QTS online.

11. The Letter of Professional Standing must be received in UK within 90 days, if not the application for QTS will be closed. Please do proper follow up on TRCN to send it on time.

12. Once you apply for your QTS online, a reference number will be generated. This reference number must be given to TRCN as a proof of your application.

13. TRCN will require you to pay them N60,000.00

14. At the application of
QTS, references will be required to confirm that you are a qualified Teacher- Name and Email Addresses of your referees will be required.

15. Apply for QTS UK on this site:

Go to Apply for QTS.


Once you apply for QTS, this does not automatically take you to UK.

Once you have gotten your QTS, this will make you to apply for teaching jobs in UK. With your QTS, you have the high chance of being shortlisted for interview once you apply for jobs.

Once the school finds you suitable for the job, you can then be sponsored on work visa permit.

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