4 Reasons why You Should Worship at Dunamis Glory Dome Abuja

Praise the name of the Lord forever, Amen..!!

Today I want to share something very powerful, that the lord is doing in this season and that we can not afford to be left out, in every generation and dispensation, God raises men for certain divine assignment to be done on the earth, for the father’ requires human as instrument, for his glory to be made manifest on the earth, for example, during the time when the children of Israel were in the land of Egypt, God raised Moses for their deliverance from the land of captivity, and the same is happening today.

Have you heard of Dr PAUL Enenche, The Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center? whose headquarter is in Abuja?

Have you heard about the largest Church auditorium in the world? The Glory Dome? in Abuja? I am going to tell you a lot about it today, and why you need to take the next flight down to Abuja in Nigeria to be in Glory Dome and Experience the tangible move of God, that is ongoing in this season.


The Ministry started many years ago and the mantle is to Restore Human Destiny and Dignity and it has not seize to speak over the years, with notable miracles, signs and wonders, and mind blowing manifestation of God’s Glory among his people with enviable and undeniable proofs.

Dunamis Church as stand today as a solution center for all manner of life threatening situations and oppression, various kind of sicknesses are been healed by the power of Jesus, lives are been transformed, destiny are been restored.

Dr Paul Enenche ministering during Tuesday Healing and Deliverance Service

One of the things I can is, JESUS CHRIST is in Dunamis and his presence is always made manifest, if you hear the testimonies, you will almost doubt, if they are possible, because they are too powerful, many impossible situations are been turned around, infact, hopeless cases are been transformed by the Power of God.

Dunamis Glory Dome

Today, I want to quickly give you 4 Major Reasons why you should worship at DUNAMIS GLORY DOME.

  1. The Presence of God : If you have been watching Online, you will agree with me, that the presence of God at work in Dunamis, is mind blowing, you can literally feel it, it is so tangible, it is one of those places on the Earth, where Angels are descending and Ascending to intervene in the affairs of Humanity. The Power of God is been made manifest through his Presence in Dunamis, there are many terrible devils that come into that atmosphere and end up giving their lives to Christ, because they jam a presence that is too powerful. The Presence of God they encounter rebukes the devil on their inside and they just have no choice, than to say YES to Jesus, if you really want to experience an atmosphere of God’s Presence and Glory, then Dunamis Glory Dome Abuja, is a place to be.
  2. The Word of God : Do you desire a place to hear the word of God that can transform your life situations and help you know God the more? Then, Dunamis Glory Dome is a place to be, you will experience, the reality in his word like never before, God’s Servant, our Senior Pastor Dr Paul Enenche and his Wife, Dr Becky Enenche has such an amazing Teaching Grace, to teach the word of God powerfully, the principles of the kingdom are always communicated through the word of God in Dunamis, and even Viewers connecting to live services online, always share testimony of the encounter they had while listening to God’s Servant preaching the word of God.
  3. The Powerful Atmosphere of Worship and Praise : Dunamis is a place of JOY, The Joy of The Lord is so real, and so tangible in Dunamis, I’ve witness tremendous JOY in all of our services, especially during the Praise and Worship Session, The Powerful Worship Songs in Dunamis is one of the unique features of the Ministry, and fortunately, God’s servant, the Senior Pastor receives and write songs, which is all encompassing for various life situations, the songs has the power to connect you with God, the songs has engender differs encounters, miracles, signs and wonders, and it is still happening, Songs of Zion, the Sound of the Spirit are default experience in Dunamis Church, I encourage you to take time to visit and get bless, form what God as deposited in that place.
  4. Powerful Encounters, Miracle, Signs and Wonders : There are too many things, God is doing in DUNAMIS as a ministry and we can not even write them all, because they are too many, if you listen to the testimonies during the services, you will be shocked, and taking by Surprise, when you hear what God is doing, it is absolutely, unbelievable, The Blind eyes see, the lame walk, the oppressed are set free, afflictions are been send back to hell, and God’s people are been liberated, infact, i remember vividly an outstanding testimony of a woman last year, that was watching the service from her room, on her wheelchair, and the power of God touched her right there and she began to walk, even by connecting via the internet to Dunamis, many people come into the service on stretcher and walk out of the service with their own leg, i have seen too much manifestation of God in Dunamis, and it is mind blowing, and we can not deny, that God is at work through his servant, this is an agenda for this season and God is set to do more mighty things that will proof to the world that JESUS IS LORD.

A lot of people are already flying into Abuja from various parts of the world to come and witness the tangible and notable presence of God in Dunamis and it is your own turn for a miracle in Jesus name.

Join us this coming Sunday by 9am, Tuesday Healing and Deliverance Service by 9am and Midweek Service on Wednesday by 5pm, your life will never remain the same again, in Jesus name.

God bless you!


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