Nigerian Woman shares the Cool Money she Earn from Tiktok App

“TikTok can change your life”- Nigerian woman shares video of huge sum of money app paid her
a nigerian woman has drawn the attention of people to the financial strength of the popular app; tiktok
she said in a video which has gotten many views that the  she has been paid twice by the app after sharing few videos. she expressed her joy over her recent findings about the app. she said, she was first paid in euros then in dollars. she showed her balance of $327(n136k) in a video shared by @gossipmilltv, and asked why the people kept it a secret that the app pays.
She said “My people tiktok will change your life. Some people can keep secret o. You are there. You think tiktok is for small children. Come and see the money I made. The first one was in Euros. This one is in dollars.”
Below are some reactions of Nigerians to the video
Ukay Peters said: “See how she’s so eager to share. That’s why I love old people.”
Vivian Glamour said: “Mummy don’t expose our secret na. Let them be forming maturity.” Mama Ariella noted: “It’s true. I have checked my tiktok earnings this month.”
Harryinu said: “And I get tiktok o. Na me dey pay them. Is it just me that doesn’t know how this thing works?
Iamyetundebakare reacted: “No wonder people are doing full time on tiktok. Let me go and download tiktok o.”

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