Meet 20-year-old Damilare Ogundare, one of Nigeria’s richest forex traders

Damilare Ogundare who is a bright Nigerian forex trader and also the founder and CEO of Habby Forex Trading Academy, an online forex trading instructional centre, he’s regarded by other forex traders as one of the most influential with a net worth of $1 million dollars and an ECOWAS youth ambassadorship.
Damilare, 20, is a philanthropist, author of “Breaking the Economic Mist as a Nigerian Youth,” and has helped turn about 300 Nigerian youths into profitable forex traders, and aims to increase that number to run in thousands.
Damilare popularly known as HabbyFX or Habby Forex began before 2018 at an early age and in 2018 he funded the academy and equally made his first million that year, he has now partnered with a number of forex platforms, including Infinox, ICM, and others.
Why forex for Damilare Ogundare?
I’ve always dreamt of living a luxurious life and helping others achieve same, before I stumbled on forex trading while searching for a way to make money online. _Damilare Ogundare
HabbyFX said he bought a house and three luxurious cars(a c63 Benz, a Range Rover Sport, and a Lexus IS 350), from his profits and also has two branch office space in Lagos.
Damilare like every other forex traders joined because it is profiting but he has pointed out that it involves alot of risk taking, consistency and hardwork.
What next?
Although Damilare has been able to develop a community of enthusiastic forex traders for himself over the years, potentially creating an income-generating opportunity for youths in the Nigerian tech ecosystem, he does not appear to be content with his achievements. He still seeks to find a way to enlist the government’s help in boosting the country’s forex industry, which he believes will help lift the country’s youth out of poverty.

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