15 Websites where you can get fast loan without Collateral in Nigeria

One of the gifts this age has given to humanity is technology. Technology has made alot of things easier and faster, and you will also agree with me that money is a very vital tool in this age also, with money you can get alot of things done. Many businesses, ideas and innovations have been crippled in the past as a result of no money
It will gladden your heart to know that there are loan apps that can offer you loan from the comfort of your house without collateral.
Most times, securing a loan comes with a lot of bottle neck ranging from using your property to stand as collateral to having one or two guarantors sign for you at their own risk and reputation before you can access the loan, but that is bygone, with the invention of online loan companies in Nigeria, you can easily access good amount of money from your phone and from the comfort of your room.
With this opportunity you can start that business or make that idea of yours a reality by applying for the loan then pay back later. The loan companies leverage on some factors to determine if you are qualify to access the loan and then it is released to you.
I will give a list of 15 loan apps where you can get loan quick without collateral
1. Zedvance
This is a consumer finance company where you can get a loan of ranging from 10000 to 3 million naira. They do not require a collateral although they give more consideration to salary earners. Their loan terms and conditions is very easy and they process your loan and credit you within a short period of time.
2. Paylater(Carbon) 
They have been in existence even before online loan became so rampant. They were previously called Paylater before they changed their name to Carbon recently. They offer short term loan of which you can get up to 1 million naira loan from them but you have to start from a small amount, and if you are faithful to pay back early enough they will consider you for larger amount in the future
3. Kiakia.co
This is a digital money lending platform for Nigerians, you can access quick loan for your Business on Kiakia.co, they use a psychometry, big-data machine learning and digital forensics for proprietary credit scoring and credit risk check to provide direct peered personal and Business loans to millions of their customers. Their name “Kiakia” is derived from a Yoruba language in Nigeria which means “Fast fast” so with them, you can get a quick loan online, for business or personal use.
4. One-fi
They are formerly known as One Credit, Onefi is a credit facility company that offers short term loan to their customers, they offer a flexible loan system with a good repayment cycle of between 3 to 6months, you can get up to 1million from them.
5. C24
This is a microfinance company that was established with the aim to make loan accessible to people. They believe you can be in need of money at anytime and so decide to make it easy and flexible to get loan
6. Quickcheck
This is a modern mobile app lending platform, where you can get quick loan online for small Business and personal needs, they use mobile technology to enable individuals gain access to financial credit. You can get between 30,000 to 150,000 on Quickcheck, they also give a flexible repayment plan and duration for their loan.
7. Fairmoney
This is one of the best loan companies in Nigeria, they start you with small amount of loan and if you stay faithful to paying back early enough they increase your eligibility for larger amount of loan.
8. Specta
This is an online money lending platform where you can lend up to 5 million within few minutes. They only require your bank statement for 6months. Specta operates two kind of loan, 1 is Myspecta which offers individual loan services and Specta4Business which provides quick and accessible loan for corporate and Business owners.
9. Fast credit 
This is another platform that offers Business loans to Micro, small and medium enterprises to support their business growth plans. They require guarantors and the space of repayment is maximum of 6months for Business owners that are qualified. Aside from Business loan, they also offer simple and fast ‘All purpose’ loan to employees of organizations like Banks, Telcoms, Pharmaceuticals, Aviation, Oil and GAS.
10. Grofin
This is a platform that provides Small and medium enterprise financial loan across Africa and Middle east. If you have great Business Ideas or a preexisting venture and you are looking forward to expansion, this is your best option for good amount of loan. With Grofin, you can get loans between $100,000 and $1.5million.
11. Smedan
They offer fast loan to Nigerian SMEs who are in need of financial support, they have the backing of the government. Their major goal is to promote entrepreneurship anong Nigerians by providing financial services for Capital, which can help you get started with your business or expand your Business.
Smedan also offer business owners’ quality training services to help them run their businesses effectively.
12. Lydia.co
This is an online loan platform that offers loan to both small and large enterprises, you can get a loan between $500 to $15000 to start up a business or enlarge an already existing business. They use technology to assess risk before granting the loan to their customers, thereby allowing them to offer loan to their customers at low cost.
13. Aella credit
They are focused at building Africa’s credit culture by making it easy for individuals in Africa to access loan after checking their eligibility. They also partnered with three main credit bureau agencies in Nigeria to provide quick and affordable loans with collateral. Aella Credit uses a proprietary credit scoring algorithm to determine and qualify their customers for loan; they put so many factors in place, including the income rate and debt of their customers to determine how worthy they are to access loan.
14. Palm credit
They also start you with small amount of loan then with time make you eligible for larger amount after completing their requirements of repaying early. To get started, download their app from playstore, sign up by filling your personal information, bvn, account number, your income, employment status or if you are a business owner, fill it among other things
15. Renmoney
Renmoney is a reputable loan company that offers loan without collateral or guarantors to Nigerians and they offer a flexible repayment plan.
These are different loan apps that can help you meet your urgent financial need, you can try any of them but ensure to pay back in time.

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