Praise the name of the lord from the highest heaven both from now and
forever, it’s another
session of fellowship with the word of the lord today.
We are going to be looking at the word of God from

Daniel 11: 32. – “ They that know their God shall be strong and so

So according to the verse of the scripture in Daniel 11 : 32, our strength and
exploits of faith is not in fasting and prayers as most of the times we think it, it is actually in


Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to stab your theology but, we have
built this platform as
a medium to share the truth and keep ourselves edify with the light of God’s
It’s very true, prayer and fasting is important, but much more than that, is
knowing the Lord your
So Someone would want to ask me,
What does it mean to know the Lord?
It means to have the understanding of the supremacy, sovereignty and the
omnipotence of God.
When you know who God is and what he is capable to do, you will always
triumph in the journey
of life, because you now know have a father who is omnipotent (All
You can stay and remain in sickness for long, untill the day you realize that
the lord God is
actually a healer and he can heal any kind of diseases and sicknesses, even
to blood sickness
and deadly diseases like Cancer and others.
There are a whole lot that knowing God means and offers us in our daily life
and living.
For instance, when you know that everything work together for good for
those that love the lord
and are called according to his purpose, it becomes easy for you to see
situations of life where
you find yourself as a part of the journey to destiny and breakthrough.
The bible speaking in Malachi 4 : 1, 2 – For, behold, the day cometh, that
shall burn as an
oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and
the day that
cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave
them neither root nor
branch. 2 “But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness
arise with healing
in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.
Praise the lord…, i really want you to take note of the scriptures above, it
says, the earth will
burn like an oven, that means things will be difficult everywhere, thing will
get so hard and
bite really hard on people, economy will go down, recession will come,
famine will be
everywhere, but it says, for you that “ Fear my name ”, that is an amazing
promise from the
lord, and we all know that the word of the lord is he and amen, whatever he
says, so shall
he do. One of the things that validate our walk with God and true
Christianity is a referential
fear of God, and that is what the bible is saying in Malachi, where we just
read now.
So How do I know the Lord, so as to be strong and do Exploits?
1. Be Saved : Except a man is born again, he cannot see the glory of God,
that is the
Scriptures for you, you can never know the lord until he becomes your
father, your
God, your lord and your saviour, so knowing God in order to command
great exploits
and wonders on the earth starts with salvation. If you are not born again,
you can
allow the holyspirit to help you see God as your father right now, see the
blood that
Jesus shed on the cross for you and ask him to cleanse you from all your
sins and shame, and he shall surely receive you.
2. Be Addicted to the word of God : The bible talks about, how that, the
word Became flesh and dwell among us, so the word of God is powerful, it
can transform and it carries the ability that is required of us to wrath
mighty exploits, we just have to get ourselves acquainted with the word of
God. The bible speaking in John 6 : 63b
says “ The word I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life.
So the word of God carries spiritual entities and life that guarantees
exploits, we really need to be a word addict, i have come to realize over the
years that we cannot pray well and navigate appropriately in prayers unless
we are guided and based on the word of God.
3. Be Filled with the spirit : The bible makes it clear in John 4 : 24, that
“ God is a
Spirit and they that worship him, must worship him in spirit and in truth,
this is very Important.
To walk with God and make great exploits happen, we must walk with
God in the spirit, for you cannot hear, receive, perceive and know God too
well, except you are in the spirit, God is great and the portal of his
knowledge and revelation are deep, i mean too deep for the normal head to
comprehend, he solely Operates in the spirit, so you must ask for the
baptism of the holy spirit with the Evidence of speaking in tongues so that
you can always be in spiritual
Communication with the elohim and stay connected always.
4. Faith : Our knowing God is at the mercy of our faith, i do tell my
brethren that, it is
very important for us to establish the fact that, we tend to know God the
more by his
acts and wonders in our lives, not just by his word alone, but the grace and
presence in our lives commands certain results and success to the end that,
we see this success, we are naturally compel to believe in him. And the
more hand
of God you see in your life, the more you know God, but how do we
continually see
the hand of God in our lives? By the virtue of our faith, for be it unto the
according to
thy faith – Matthew 9: 29. Beyond our faith in the possibility of God’s
power, we must
also pray for the baptism of the spirit of Faith,
What is the Spirit of Faith and what does it does?
The spirit of Faith is an altitude in the spirit, whereby you are so settled
about whatever God
says he will do, you are so sure of both the written promises of God in the
bible concerning
your life and also the spoken prophecies of God concerning you, the true is,
more often
than not, there is always a miracle, the supernatural is provoked better and
stronger in any
atmosphere of Faith.
Faith atmosphere is a miracle provoking atmosphere, and the mighty acts
of God is what
propel men to come into the place of his knowledge, to reference and
acknowledge him
continually as God and this is what brings about exploits in our life.
It is very essential that we know the lord,
For instance; when you know that Tithes and offering are compulsorily to
be brought into
the house of the lord, and you know that Malachi 3 :3 promises that the
windows of heaven
will be opened and there will be an outpouring of God’s blessing to the end
that there will
not be room to contain it, and the devourer shall be rebuked for your sake,
this is enough a
secret key in the scriptures that guarantees wealth and prosperous living for
any believer all
around the world.
But finally, beyond all that as been said in this article, if you really want to
know the lord, you
have to be PASSIONATE! Passion is a propeller of knowledge and reality,
remember the
scriptures says – As the deer, panteth after the water, so my soul
longeth after thee –
Psalm 42 : 1 .
So that’s a proof that seeking to know the lord comes with a panting and
hunger, it must be
a passionate and deliberate approach, so as to draw attention of heaven,
there is nothing
more beautiful than when you are passionate about knowing the lord and
God by the power
of his spirit begin to visit you and make himself known to you in various
ways – This is the
very best way to know him, remember – He made his ways known to
Moses and his acts
to the children of Israel – Psalm 103 : 7 .
I pray that in the name of JESUS the son of the living God, you shall have a
die hard
passion and panting after the lord, you shall seek, love and find him with
the whole of your
heart, both from now and forever in Jesus name, the Lord bless you.

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