(How many breeding pigs should you have)?

1. A 5 sow farm that produces a minimum of 100 pigs per year is far much profitable than a 20 sow farm which is mismanaged where pigs are under fed.

2. My fellow farmers, We are not in the competition to see who has more pigs in their farm rather we are racing to maximize the ability of quality genetics to produce high litter size,(10-24 piglets per farrowing) with high feed to meat conversion rate in order to gain market weight by 5.5 months.

There are two categories we would recomend you to start at;

1. A Small scale piggery Farm
We recomend any starting farmer to start with 6 breeders of a good genetic class I.e 1 boar and 5 gilts.

These 6 breeder pigs have ability to produce a minimum of 100 pigs a year and a maximum of 175 pigs per year given how much you have learned about management practices.

2. Medium scale piggery farm
A medium scale piggery farm will have 12 breeders of a good genetic class, I.e 2 boars, 10 sows.
These 12 pigs can produce a minimum of 200 pigs per year and a maximum of 350 pigs per year.

Dearest farmers, you don’t not need above 10 sows if you do not have a proper financial muscle to raise the piglets while considering standard weights.
For example.
By 20 weeks you should have achieved 87kgs+
Its easier to achieve the weights when you have the right number of animals that you can give your best so as for them produce the quality demanded in the world today.

Amba Delight Farm.

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