Few Questions to Answer before venturing into Pig Farming


Every farmer has once in their lifetime thought or started pig rearing The question is why is it that so few are able to maintain their systems or move on to start commercial pig farming?

Maybe answering some of the questions below that every farmer should ask before they start rearing pigs would help us all.

1. Do You Have a Market for Your Pigs?
It’s always the killer question for most farmers isn’t it? What do you do with the piglets in your farm when they are ready for market? A lot of people think farmers choice limited as their only market but how true is that? What about the small butcheries in and around Big towns that serve pig farmers?

2. Where do You Buy Piglets?
Think carefully before you buy from your neighbor who’s been starving his pen. Find a commercial breeder and start with a few piglets that you can raise as breeding stock. Think about the type of pig meat you are looking to sell. This determines the breeds that you need to keep.

3. Do You Have Proper Pig Management Skills?
Forget about the pigs that we used to have when we were children. It isn’t enough to just feed them in the morning go have fun, then come back later in the morning. Modern sustainable farming requires that you are properly trained. Going for a 1 day seminar may not be enough for you to earn the most from the venture. Pig rearing in is a serious business that requires proper skills.

4. How are Your Record Keeping Skills?
Our record keeping skills were limited to giving a pig a name. That may not be enough. You may not have the finances to tattoo or tag the ears of your pigs. But you should be able to buy a pen and a record keeping book. Record their feeding program, their weight, and even their birth. Only then can you earn more from the pig market.

5. Are You Feeding them Right?
Every pig farming business plan must talk about the feeding. Animal feeds formulation being what they are; you must know what you are feeding your pigs. Yes it is expensive when you go the route of commercial pig feeds . However, when you think of the alternative it may be the best option for you.

6. If You Supplement are You Also Thinking Organic?
As we said, commercial feeds are rather expensive. But have you considered your organic farm as a source of feed? Not only will your pigs be healthier but you also save yourself a lot of money. Don’t think cheap though; think quality feeding supplements for your sty. You can even grow crops specifically for your pigs like mangels, forage turnips, beets and pumpkin. Table scraps, bakery scraps, barley etc. also go down very well.

7. Where is the Water for Your Pig Rearing?
The biggest mistake you can ever make is forgetting about drinking water for your pigs. A lot of farmers have neglected this and found themselves with half-starved pigs in their pens. Pigs should have adequate water at all times. Just like Dairy Farming you need to watch water consumption levels.

8. Do you have Proper Medicines and Dewormers?
Yes, pigs like humans need to be dewormed? If you spend the whole day eating food scraps, you too shall probably need to be dewormed. Have a Vet on call to help you when you see signs of low food consumption. Pig diseases spread very quickly but are easy to handle with proper care and cleanliness in the sty.

9. Talking about the Pig Sty – Is Yours Well designed
I know most people think that pigs don’t care but they do. Design a pig sty that you can bring your lover to. That should be the rule of thumb. Making a ramshackle is going to be the beginning of your pig farming problems. Your pig farming setup should be professional and easy to maintain. Plenty of straw in their bedding is mandatory.

10. Do You Have Proper Pig Farming Equipment?
Take a walk to your local agricultural store. You will be surprised at the farming equipment you may require for your venture. Always try to buy things that make your work easier since small scale pig farming is not easy. This is especially if you are thinking of using an automated or a manual pig rearing system.

10. How do You Deal with Pig Waste or Manure?
You know you need to keep your sty clean but we all know they are not the cleanest creatures in the world. So how do you deal with the organic waste that comes with pig farming? You must have a solid waste management system that ensures that your farm is clean and free from harmful pests. By the way, pig manure is great for your compost heap.

11. Are Your Pigs Happy?
You will know a sad pig instantly. Squealing all night long is not out of the question with a sad sty. Happy pigs mean more profits for you as they feed more efficiently and get to market weight faster. Minimize the stress in your pen and you should see great rewards. Walk through the pens and handle the pigs to get them used to positive human interaction.

The perfect pig farming business plan does not exist. It’s just a plan. What is needed is a dedicated smart farmer who knows where he’s bacon is. The best pig rearing tips shall come from your experience, success or failure. Good luck and inform us of how it goes.

Good luck on answering this questions.

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