8 Things you should know if you just finished NYSC


  1. Learn that there is dignity in labor and hard work and that it pays to hunt for and offer value innovatively. Don’t beg for it or sleep around for it. Don’t give up and go the easy path of joining the yahoo gang, instead join the @hustlersquare and be an entrepreneur! 
  2. It is better to get your foot in the door of your dream organization at first (either via volunteering or internship) than endlessly searching for an elusive, good, white-collar job or well-paying job.
  3. Attend as many training courses and learn as much as you can for free using YouTube, Udemy and Coursera.
  4. Praying is not a route to landing a job without the attendant massive action in the right direction.
  5. Marriage is NOT a career. Don’t breed poverty and become a generational curse. Hustle and find your bearings before bearing offspring.
  6. Dream big and start small while learning how to grow fast! Think global. Start local. Be Glocal
  7. If you have dreams to be an entrepreneur, give your NYSC and B.Sc certificates to your parents, God knows the money spent on your head could have bought land in Lekki. Now go and dare to be unique, self motivated and find what really drives you, serves and empower others and makes you ultimately happy.
  8. Discover your own purpose and unique talent and pursue them PASSIONATELY.

Good luck!


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