Hi friends, Happy new year, I welcome you all into the great 2023, which we have all anticipated and planned for, I pray that your desires for the new year will become a reality soon. In today’s Article I will be sharing some Agricultural Businesses you can venture into this year, which is highly lucrative and profitable.

There are many potential in the Agric Industry, both in Africa and other continent of the world, if you have zeal for Agric Business but you don’t know where to start, this Article is for you.

1. Vegetable Farming
Spinach, lettuce, pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage, and cucumber et al, are all vegetables that are consumed in every part of the globe and can also be cultivated in every part of the world. This goes to show that there is a very large market for vegetables. So, if you are looking towards starting an agricultural crop cultivation business, then one of your options is to go into vegetable farming.

2. Mushroom Farming
Mushroom farming is one of the most profitable agricultural business ideas for young entrepreneurs, which has a turnaround period of only three weeks. Yes, you heard that right! And, it has huge profit potential with demand for good quality and organic mushrooms being high among restaurant owners as well as households.

3. Transportation Business For Farmers
One of the challenges most farmers encounter is the lack of means of transportation to get their farm produce from their farms to the market. You can start a farm transport business to help farmers sort their transportation needs for a fee.

4. Livestock House Construction
Constructing poultry house, dairy farming cubicles and other such farming structures for use by farmers to rear their livestock.

5. Poultry equipment manufacturing
These are usually skilled artisans who construct various equipment needed on the poultry farm – welders, carpenters, electricians etc. You can learn the various specifications needed for the poultry equipment and you are in business.

6. Chicken and egg distribution business
This basically involves bridging the gap between poultry farmers and the consumer market. It is very lucrative and requires relatively little money to start-up. You can focus only on chicken, eggs or both. You meet poultry farmers, buy their stock and resell them in the market to wholesalers and retailers. It does not need any special skills, only your marketing abilities and a working vehicle.

7. Fertilizer Distribution Business
If you like the idea of making a profit by helping people work with the soil, you might enjoy being a part of the fertilizer industry by starting fertilizer distribution business. Entrepreneurs can initiate fertilizer distribution business with a proper selection of products from any location. Find suppliers willing to do business at a suitable price in your area. Obtain quality products at a reasonable price from a reliable source. You can go for import also in the case of bulk purchase. In fertilizer distribution business, the source you choose will depend on your start-up budget.

8. Soil Testing Lab
Soil Testing is agronomically sound, beneficial and environmentally responsive tool used for monitoring the nutrient as well as making precise fertilizer recommendations for various crops and cropping sequences ensuring no damage to the environment. Establishing a soil testing lab is one of an ideal agriculture business ideas.

9. Agriculture Consulting
As with other consulting services, agriculture consulting requirement is surely expected to grow with coming days. People with experience and knowledge in a specified field of farming activity can consider offering consulting services to organizations and farmers.

10. Livestock Feed Production
This business is small scale manufacturing. Having confidence in distribution, one can start this business to make money out of livestock feed production.

11. Fodder Farming for Goats and Cows
Fodder is any agricultural foodstuff used specifically to feed domesticated livestock, such as chickens, horses, pigs, cattle and goats. The term refers to food given to animals, rather than the food they forage for themselves.

12. Vermicompost-Organic Fertilizer Production
Vermicompost organic fertilizer production has now become a major component of agro-business models across the country with a very low initial investment. An entrepreneur can start this business with the proper know-how of the production process.

13. Fish Farming
Commercial fish farming business is a lucrative investment that can spin money at any time of the year continuously. With the implementation of modern techniques and having owned space, an entrepreneur can start this business with moderate capital investment.

14. Piggery
Having a sufficient landholding an entrepreneur can start a piggery business. Among the various livestock species, piggery is most potential source for meat production and pigs are more efficient feed converters after the broiler. The major facility is pig farming requires a small investment in buildings and equipment.
15. Planting Service
If you don’t have your own farm but still want to build a business centered around planting crops, you could start your own planting service and work with other farmers or growers in your area.

16. Recruiting agency for Farmers
Most farmers suffer from a shortage of literate, low-level farm labor on their farms. An agency which helps farmers to easily and quickly recruit young, intelligent and literate labor for middle to long-term positions on their farms would be a huge hit.

17. Agrotourism
You could also offer a whole tourist experience at your farm where people can come visit and maybe even stay as part of a bed and breakfast type of experience.

18. Honey Business
You don’t need to have your own bee farm for you to start a honey supply business. You can source for and purchase honey in big jerry-cans from places like Makueni and sell in small quantities.

19. Firewood Production
If you have trees on your land, you could use sell the firewood to those who need it. Creating a long term sustainable business would depend on expanding the amount of land on which you can harvest trees and also systematic replenishment through continuous replanting.

20. Tree Seed Supply
You could also harvest seeds from different trees and sell them to people who want to plant new ones.

21. Agricultural Equipment Rental
If you have the capital to purchase farming or agriculture equipment, you could start a business where you rent or lease that equipment out to farmers.

22. Fruit juice-Jam-Jelly Production
Fruit juice-jam-jelly production business has the huge market opportunity. Most important thing is the production process is not that complex and can be initiated small-scale basis.

23. Fruits and Vegetables Export
An entrepreneur can start an export business of fresh fruits and vegetables by collecting them from local farmers. one can start this business from a home location only having a phone and computer with internet connection.

24. Florist
One of the very profitable agriculture business ideas. Having a retail space and connection with the flower growers one can start this business. An entrepreneur also can generate a substantial online sale by offering customers door-step delivery.

25. Worm Farming
Worm farming is another agribusiness that is suitable for enriching farm soil and also to supply animal protein for fishes reared in ponds. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas.

26. Rabbit Farming : After Raising Rabbit commercially for over 8years in Nigeria, I can tell you practically, this is one of the best Business you can venture into today. I have made several millions of Naira from Rabbit Farming, I am impressed to tell you that the demand for rabbit in Nigeria is growing sporadically.  Rabbit are easy to keep and easy to multiply, their pregnancy period is 1month and they can give birth to between 5 to 12 babies, even though I have experience one of my rabbit gave birth to 14 kits before. Rabbit feeding is not expensive at all, as there are many easy to access cheap feed materials that can be used to feed them. Rabbit have their own concentrated feed which often time is pelletized, and they also have wide range of grasses they eat and many farm waste products are food for rabbit, to learn more on Rabbit farming, you can follow this link.

I hope this article is of great help in opening your eyes to opportunities that abound around you, if you have any question, you can ask in the comment space below.


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