I was privileged to counsel a young preacher about the end of December 2022, he kept seeing his senior pastor trying to commit sodomy with him.

He concluded that the man’s benevolence towards him was to make him his sin partner.

While he was talking, I sighed seeing his anger and frustration about the place.

He had already made up his mind to leave, he doesn’t want to be corrupted.

I asked him if he had prayed, he said God was the one who showed him the dream so he doesn’t need to pray again.

I smiled and told him to relax first, it’s manipulation from the pit of hell.

He didn’t agree with me which is very understandable but since I know, I don’t need to argue to establish the truth, he is too powerful to establish himself.

I told him if he will pray if I give him a prayer point, he said if it’s not to stay in the place.

Powers taking up the body of my benefactor to attack me crash and die now in the name of Jesus was the prayer point I gave him.

He had an open vision where he saw himself wearing his pastor’s cloth to attack himself.

When he told me, I instructed him to pray again until things become more clearer.

It was during the prayers that he saw himself waging war against himself.

Glory to Jesus.

When you begin to see evil things about men who are walking with God and who genuinely loves you, don’t conclude yet make sure you prayed.

During my year one at the school of prophets and Evangelists, I was one of the students that served the present C.A.C general Evangelist when he came visiting us.

While he was praying for someone, he was just shaking his head, then the LORD opened my eyes, the angels of the man were playing ludo game.

The man came to report someone to the prophet that the person was using his glory.

I kept quiet and the prophet gave the man prayer points to activate his angels.

Older prophets will hardly tell you visions they will rather give you prayers point or bible verse to read, pray with or meditate on.

When the man left, prophet said the man’s angel are been deactivate, they’re playing around instead of working for him.

No one was using his glory, he was manipulated by the devil to start accusing others instead of taking responsibilities.

When you dream of seeing close relatives attacking you, don’t take them as enemy instead deactivate demonic signals around you.

Some of us have made our benefactors our enemy because of strange signals via dreams.

A prophet told a lady her mother was behind her barrenness, the lady was going from one place to another trying to kill her mother.

Listening to her, I kept quiet, there is nothing I will tell her, she won’t listen.

So I placed my hands on her eyes and ears to declare ephratha.

She had a dream that night, she saw her mother praying with tears that she should prosper and have her own children.

In the same dream she saw her former life where she was committing all kinds of atrocities with men.

One of the men the mother warned her against she saw him sleeping with her with a charm.

It was the consequences of her past impunities that she was suffering from not the mother.

When she called to tell me, I smiled and told her to go and apologize to her mother.

If she would pray for her from the depth of her heart, help shall come.

God showed her mercy, she now has a son.

Don’t be in a haste to see people as villains, crush strange signals.

May you not destroy those who should help you because of insincerity of your heart.

John 8:12 says Jesus is the light of the world whosoever follows Him shall not be in darkness, YOU SHALL HAVE THE LIGHT OF LIFE.

AT Joel.

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