How I made Millions of Naira from Rabbit farming in Nigeria


A lot of people don’t know there are many opportunities in Nigeria today, many complain as though to get good things you have to travel out of this country, because there is no Job, this and that, but in the same country, if your eyes is open and you have access to relevant information, you can make the most of your time and life, other countries like China bring their products (especially gadgets and phones) to Nigeria and sell because they know we have the population advantage, but Nigerians still believe that the country is not good and remain broke.

Today, I want to share with you, how I make #3million naira from Rabbit Farming Business in Nigeria this year (2020) even with the pandemic and lockdown, the business is booming well and you can take advantage of it too.

Many people don’t know rabbit are in high demand, we have the hybrids type that are called “Broiler Rabbit” just like In the case of Broiler chicken, they tend to grow very fast and again good weight, like 2.7 to 3.5kg in 5 to 6month,

Fortunately, the rabbit industry in Nigeria today has an Offtaker market that buys rabbit in large quantity like 3000 to 5000 pieces, especially weaners (6weeks to 8weeks old rabbit).

Rabbit waste are also another source of income, both the urine and poo are good organic fertilizers so vegetable farmers buys it a lot and our offtakers too buy the waste in large volume.

I raise good quality rabbit and many people know me for it, so they kept coming to get good quality rabbits, which majorly includes the following breeds;

Hylas, Angora American chinchillas New Zealand white Giant Black Dutch, and other fantastic breeds.

There are two different markets or Rabbit, we have the breeders market and the meat market;

The breeders is for those that wants to get breeding stocks to start their own rabbit farm, they are always on the Outlook for good quality parent stocks to start with, and the meat market is for those that wants to get rabbit for personal/family consumption, slaughter for Asun or rabbit babercue, rabbit pepper soup, and other delicacies.


The amazing thing about rabbit is that, there is no enough of it yet in the country, there is more demand and less supply, and it is easy to producer rabbit, because their gestation period of one month, the mother can give birth to 5 or 12kits at a go, and nurse them for another one month, at 4 to 6weeks, you can wean them.

Many people use to ask, if there is market for rabbit in Nigeria, the simple truth is, there is huge market for it, both direct market from customers and offtakers market too is there, but you must have the right breeds and quality (which you can easily get from me) in order to attract the market and produce what people want.

Rabbit farming is a fast booming industry in Nigeria today, if you are looking for a promising Business to do in Nigeria by 2021, or you want to diversify, I encourage you to consider rabbit farming Business today.

Fortunately, some weeks ago, I read a news that says federal govt of Nigeria want to empower 17,000 youths in Rabbit Farming, in the same vein, the govt of Akwa Ibom as empowered some of the people with rabbit cage and rabbit to get started in the business, this is a prove that it is fast growing right now in Nigeria and obviously, there will be a bigger market by 2021, this is a very good venture for anyone to consider, with little capital and space, you can get started, I have sold rabbit worth #500,000 in one day this year to one of my clients, as we have many clients all over the country looking for rabbit.

One major challenge we do have is high demand and low supply, there is a waiting market for your rabbit.

For new beginners, there is a eBook guide that I wrote, which can be of great help to you, you can get it for just #5000 only, call or text me on Whatsapp at 07066784204.

To get good quality foundation stock,you can contact me aswell, also for good training, mentorship and consultancy, you can reach me on my number – 07066784204.


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