Last December, one of the converts from our open air crusades came back with a swollen and decaying legs, I was just laughing when I saw it.

As Jesus commanded, I laid my hand and pray on the leg.

During the cross over services, he came with his testimony.

He got home after the day job slept only to wake up with swollen and decaying leg.

Glory to Jesus, last week Sunday looking at the leg, it has completely healed up.

Satan wanted to chase him back into his den by frustration and manipulations.

Know this, that’s his job.

I was in church for one of our midweek services, attending to this woman I knew it was trouble at the orizon.

She had been pregnant for 13months going to 14, the hospital told her, it was dangerous to do Cesarean section with her, it’s a 50-50 thing.

The Balam she had been patronising said she would die except she brings N400k.

It’s a dangerous bend, no one can help her except Jesus intervens.

I was confronted with 3 problem, one, she worships with the Balam, two, he is behind the issue, three, it will be altar against altar.

One of the most fierce spiritual battle is to confront Balams, they are part of church though they had perverted their ways.

I knew what is standing before me, it needed wisdom and extreme carefuness.

I couldn’t stand the pain the woman was going through, asking the Lord He told me to go ahead but to be careful.

So I ministered to her, the Lord told me she would deliver the next weekend.

I told her to go get ready the baby is coming, I spoke to her about Jesus and His total deliverance.

The woman went back to the Balam, told him she met a prophet who said she would deliver in few days time.

Long story short, things worsen, the man told her he needed my picture or my full name else she shall die with the pregnancy.

When her mother came to me pleading I give them my full name or picture I started laughing.

Was I afraid no, Jesus already told me it’s a dangerous bend.

I told the woman her daughter will not die, she should bring her instead, I kept everything to myself.

They didn’t pay the man the money beyond what he had taken, she was brought.

She eventually delivered a baby girl, I was there to do the christening but it didn’t end there.

Last minute miracle is a program our ministry always round up the year with, my senior colleague Prophet Oyeleye shared a similar testimony.

The lady delivered the child too, the baby already had complete set of teeth with beards.

The Balam only wanted money at all cost even if it is at the expense of the woman’s life.

The rise of modern Balam is worrisome, becareful, be watchful and stay with Jesus.

When you’re confronted with things like this, there is only one person you can run to, JESUS.

They fought back, trust Jesus, He rescued His servant.

During the peak of those funny events the Holyspirit constantly reminded me this scripture,
As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the LORD is round about his people from henceforth even for ever.
Psalm 125:2

Our faith is our life, when you stop faithing you start fainting.

AT Joel.

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