MONEY COMETH! How to Deal with the approaching season of Plenty



How to deal with the approaching season of plenty.

-By Daniel Breakforth

A video went viral shortly after the International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC) of Christ Embassy’s ‘LoveWorld Nation’ at the Asese Campground venue, off Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Nigeria.

It was that of British-Zimbabwean Prophet Uebert Angel prophesying to the amazement of many as Pastor Chris had not been known to operate in that kind of ‘prophetic ministry’. I must confess that I am not really a fan of prophecies (the type that many prophets do….I am seeing someone…who is Nancy etc) infact, I avoid them, but in my mind, it was a good outing for Prophet Angel as perception of him seemed to have changed positively in some quarters particularly in Nigeria.

The most spiritually revealing albeit humorous part of that prophetic session was when Uebert Angel stated ‘just as he had been saying for a few months’ that ‘MONEY IS COMING’.

Immediately he said that, shouts rent the air and just like during his ministration a few months earlier back at home, ‘Money is Coming’ turned to a chorus with electrifying dance steps.


As is usually for me with matters of spiritual consequences, I searched my mind first for scriptural and historical confirmation. Please come with me.

Light bulb! There was a prophecy I watched on a Saturday morning early in 2007 on AIT in my room at Apapa, Wharf Lagos (I cannot remember by who now but I suspect it could have been Pastor Olumide Emmanuel of Calvary Bible Church).

He spoke about the ongoing period of plenty lasting about 7 more years which would then culminate in 7 years of famine.

To put it in context, Nigeria was about to experience her first civilian-civilian handover politically. Just before then, Nigeria under President Obasanjo had for the first time paid off her foreign debts and President Yar’Adua and even Jonathan benefitted largely from this. Salaries were increased for civil servants by President Yar’Adua.

The Super Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who was the ‘Coordinating Minister’ of the Nigerian economy started a savings account which the courts soon pronounced illegal sometime around 2011 and the money shared amongst state governors. By January 2012, fuel price was increased from ₦65 to ₦140 and the ‘Occupy Nigeria’ protests locked down Nigeria…the price was soon reversed to ₦87. The years of plenty were grinding to a halt.

By 2014, I happened to be in that same Apapa (after 7 years of watching the 2007 prophecy on Television) and it occurred to me as elections approached that the 7 years of famine prophecy was about to begin.


I called my brother and told him about it. He probably can’t remember. He was fixated on the coming and eventually successful ‘change’ that took place in 2015. A change that promised a litre of fuel at ₦40, 3 million jobs, 4 million homes (1 million annually) and above all, ₦1 to be exchanged for $1. I felt strongly that the years of famine had arrived.

It is necessary to have a personal walk with God but it is also important to believe in God’s prophet. This is why I waited to hear what my father in the Lord would say and what came a few weeks before the handover was ‘I the God of Wonder Double is visiting you’.

Basically an instruction for exemption while famine was about to sweep the nation. Children of the Kingdom had a golden opportunity to swim in double while the world grovelled in famine.

A few months after the handover of power, the Forcados crude oil Pipeline at Ogulagha in Delta State which is sometimes nicknamed ‘Nigeria’s spinal cord’ was stopped by non-state actors.

The Naira went from ₦190 t0 ₦550. A number of us have personal experiences over the past few years. Begging in the malls, schools.

Religious houses, even within work spaces by the employed and unemployed alike have risen to an all-time high. Yahoo Yahoo has turned to child’s play. ‘Stars’ like Hushpuppy arose.

The high rate of crime by fraudsters and reaction by equally corrupt Policeman led to the ENDSARS debacle of October 2020.

However, before then, from the end of 2019 and especially from February/March 2020, a virus led to a global lockdown thereby further entrenching poverty.

Thank God for the Church that was on hand to make palliatives available to many while many governments hid palliatives away or used them as souvenirs for private events. In an instance, some government officials were crying on live Television because citizens looted some warehouses where palliatives were hoarded.

The dollar to naira rate rose from ₦190 to a peak of ₦910 in October 2022 and fortunately back to ₦740. On a visit to Ghana a few weeks ago, I realized that the depression in Nigeria is child’s play.

The Cedi that was almost at par with the dollar is on its way down. To put it in context, it is now over 10 Cedis to $1. Also, fuel in Ghana costs an equivalent of about ₦1,200 per litre which far exceeds the obscene ₦400 being pushed for in some quarters.

Economically we have experienced very few downturns of such propensity in the history of our Nigeria. It is noteworthy that not everyone suffered deprivation and depredation during this famine. I am not talking about ‘corrupt’ government officials.

As Bishop Oyedepo fondly says, ‘Every revival moves God’s people forward’. Some ministries in Nigeria experienced their greatest growth in their history during this downturn in terms of general expansion, population increase, financial explosion and otherwise.

The Church of Christ in Nigeria is raising projects that make the organizers of the World Cup in Qatar look like apprentices and this will be discussed extensively in another article. The Redeemed Christian Church of God’s ‘Redemption City’ is said to have experienced a 100 per cent increase in size.

Deeper Life is building a 3 in one auditoria or International Conference Centre as well as an ultra modern complex that will be one of its kind with plans for a 3 star hotel with a mind blowing 4000 rooms already underway.

The Ark is fast springing up at Canaanland Ota and I suspect the legacy project will be ready before Bishop Oyedepo becomes a septuagenarian. Dunamis International Gospel Church also raised the Glory Dome, Salvation Ministries are on the verge of dedicating the ‘Hand of God’ while Evangelist Uma Ukpai has started the Greater Ohafia Project billed to cost $250 million all within this time of famine. We are in the days of God’s Jewels.

With all these fearful testimonies that draw ire and utter annoyance from sons and daughters of belial, it was proven severally that a covenant walk with God is the surest form of security against famine. Stealing is not a guarantee.

The 7 years are drawing to an end, at least from the word of prophecy of 2007. The ‘money is coming’ prophecy was thus another seeming confirmation. I was however glad when I saw a few days ago that sometime in November, Pastor Yemi Davids had confirmed this word from the Spirit.

Pastor Yemi Davids spoke clearly about this in November 2022 when he said and I quote:
“I perceive that bread is coming back to Nigeria from next year just like when Joseph spoke about it…so that during that time you will not be a misfit.

Lots of millionaires and billionaires will arise next year and in the next 2-3 years, many in the diaspora that left for better opportunities will return to take up roles that will be more available here than outside when considered wholistically”.
I’ll like everyone to get a hold of this message.

We are indeed set for a year of plenty but it’s time to key in.
When the money comes, what are you going to do with it?
Hold Parties?
Travel on vacations?
Buy expensive gadgets?
Build houses?
All these are great but let’s refer back to our Creator’s Manual:

Matthew 6:33..Seek ye first the Kingdom of God
Yes, money is coming but it also brings with it a responsibility to dream Kingdom Dreams.
If you are still arguing about whether you should give tithe or not, you are not among those this article is talking to. Go and sort yourself out! The tithe is the Lord’s!

This gospel must be spread abroad.
My cities through prosperity shall yet be spread abroad…
Zechariah 1:17…

If you can indeed be faithful in this duty, then you are ready to receive the True Riches which only God commits to individuals.

Get Ready! Money Cometh!

Daniel Breakforth writes.

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