January2023 #2023TheGloryIsRisenFast #21DaysFast #Day2 #2023LightHasCome #TheGloryIsRisen 2023 THE GLORY IS RISEN FAST – DAY 2 – TUESDAY, 10TH JANUARY 2023 ANCHOR SCRIPTURE(S): PSALM 85:6 MESSAGE TOPIC: SEASON OF REVIVAL By: Dr Paul Enenche In this year of the Glory is risen by the Light that has come, the first thing God spoke to us about this year is that it shall be a season of revival. WHAT ARE THE SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF REVIVAL? 1. Divine visitation 2. Divine habitation 3. Divine manifestation and demonstration 4. Divine interventions and interruptions 5. Spiritual Intensification 6. Angelic Manifestation (angelic traffic) 7. demonic humiliation (John 1:5) 8. Kingdom celebration (Ps. 85:6) THE OUTCOME OF A REVIVAL SEASON: 1. A massive harvest of souls (Acts 2:1, 6-7) 2. Massive dimensions of the supernatural (1 Cor. 2:9-10) 3. Massive spiritual awakening PRAYERS: Father, thank You for the dawn of a new day. Thank You Lord for this second day of the fast. Thank You Lord for testimonies coming in so far. Be Thou glorified, Lord in Jesus Name – Psalm 100:4. Father, we thank You for the very highly explosive Healing and Deliverance Service today. Thank You Lord for souls saved, bodies healed and lives transformed. To You alone be all the praise, Lord in Jesus’ Name – Acts 10:38. Father, we frustrate every enemy conspiracy and verdict against my life, family, church, Dunamis, and Nation, Nigeria, through this fast, Lord in the Name of Jesus Christ – Esther 4:16; Job 5:12. Father, I make demands on access to favour, both with God and man for my life, family, destiny, Church, Dunamis, and Nation, Nigeria through this fast, Lord in the Name of Jesus Christ – Esther 5:2. Father, I make demands on supernatural power for my life, family, destiny and church, Dunamis through this fast to deal with obstinate forces of the enemy this year, Lord in the Name of Jesus Christ – Matthew 17:21. Father, we make demands on the move of Your Power like never before: cause us to see in 2023, dimensions of Your Spirit we have not witnessed before, Lord in Jesus Name – 1 Cor. 2:9-10. Father, thank You for answered prayers. To You alone be all the praise, Lord in Jesus Name – Psalm 65:2; 3:4.

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