You all already know what Youtube is all about ; it’s just a video Sharing platform.
One of the biggest video platform with over 30 billion monthly visitors !!!

In YouTube there’s nothing you can’t find .
Infact Youtube made everything easier today but some people will still not believe.

When you want to learn work , instead of you to start struggling on how to get 20 to 30k to pay for learning the work . It’s better you start learning it from YouTube as you can’t afford that.

These are the things you can learn from YouTube.

1. How to cook .. there no kind of food you will not see how to cook it on YouTube.

2. Learning programming language
3. Free online class ; it’s will only cost you data subscription.
4. Learning graphics designing ( I learnt little thing I know about graphics designing from YouTube , thought am pros on graphics designer. But I have done so many works that people appreciated me that am trying.
5 . Studying the word of God .
You can just choose your church and watch there Online preaching .

6. Learning how to make money online ( yes making money online is real but not easy as you think. If you don’t know how to start get a coach or else you will spend many months or years before understanding how it’s work.

Infact let me cut it short there’s nothing you can’t learn from YouTube .

Apart from learning something from YouTube , there’s still an opportunity that you can still make money from YouTube .

Yes you can make millions if you understand how it’s work and the grace of God 🙏 🙏 , cos everything we are doing in this one needs grace for you to be successful.

For you to make money from YouTube you can become a content creator . ( I mean video content not writing content)

How to go about it .

Just choose what you like doing or what you enjoy teaching people how to do it.

Creat a channel for your self and start publishing your content .
You can easily do it with Android phone not only laptops.

Choose your niche ( that thing you want to be uploading ) focus on it and watch others in that niche .

Now to create a Youtube channel is not the problem and to choose a niche is not the problem too . But the problem is how can you get views and subscribers.

First thing first is know what you are doing .
To start a YouTub channel from scratch is not easy at all at all.

But firsr thing to do is always make sure you provide solution to what people is looking for.

I swear if you always give them what they want them must subscribe and must come back to watch your videos.

How to do Youtube SEO

1. Key-words research ; …. The perfect tool I know for now that is working very well is (vadiq ) ; you can be using it for your keywords research and focus on low competitive keywords that have high volume of search .

2. Tag ; on ma experience on YouTube , before I used to look down on tag and focus more on discription .
I used to write many things on discription even use hastage .

But ma current observation tag is very powerful than discription though both work together. But instead to leave tags and write discription leave discription and write your tags.
Apps I used to generate popular tags and my competitive tag
1. ytool
2. Youtools

This two app works very well in generating popular tags.

3. Thumbnail ; thumbnail is very good if it is used on a video because it’s makes your viewers to have more interest on the video .

Thumbnail can also be call video cover if you don’t understand what thumbnail means.

It’s just like book cover . When you see some novel you might have interest to read it due to how it’s covered are been design.

You can used pixelab in designing your video thumbnail if you don’t have laptop .

Newly created Youtube channel can’t upload thumbnail if you haven’t verify it.

See how to verify it easily.

Download a video of 40 to 45 minutes.
Try to upload it on your channel don’t fear of copyright. On the process of uploading the video , Youtube will tell you , you can’t upload long videos now unless your channel is verify. Then they will show you option to verify now.

You can used your phone number to verify weather by them sending you massage or by call.

4. Discription ; …. Discription is where you narate the summary of your videos .
When doing so you can put some popular keywords there with hastage (#) .
But when puting hastage it’s shouldn’t be much to avoid spamming it.

This is what I have to tell you for now .
How to grow entertainment Youtube channel is focus on trend ; I mean something that is trending that is how build entertainment Youtube channel.

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