I have never seen anyone who ended well fighting the Church of God, or The Servant of God.

You will always regret it.
Please Let it go.

Don’t tell me you know the real Church of God or the real Servant of God.

Even me who is a pastor, I am afraid to fight the Church of God or the Servant of God.

The worst I can do when I am pushed to the wall, is to find a way to quietly walk away.

You may not believe me.

There are two kinds of pastors in Nigeria at the moment.

Those who know God very well and those who know the devil very well.

The latter should not be called pastors in the first place, but that is what they are called because they run a church also. Or what will you call them?

Why is it risky to have issues with them?

God will fight for his own and the devil will also fight for his own.

You can’t tell the one you are confronted with at the moment.

God said touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. Meaning there are those who God still see as his anointed and prophets, if you touch them, you are touching God. These ones have not missed God. They are God’s delight.

But there are those that are of the devil, they have completely missed God. It is more risky to touch these ones. Because they know the devil more than you do.

They have both the physical weapons and the negative supernatural weapon to deal with anyone who comes against them.

Never you have anything to do with them.

Avoid them the way you avoid the devil.

The air they breathe is cruelty and wickedness.

To these ones, anything can die, instead of their name and reputation to die.

May be you don’t know this.

But let me help you for the last time.

Most Pastors who joined cult in school are still very much in touch with their squad.

I said most pastors, not all pastors.

Nobody renounced anything.

Let them show you where they did the renunciation service.

That I no longer visit my village and have refused to have anything to do with my village, does not mean I am no longer from that village.

There is how a matter will go and they will have no choice but to activate the brotherhood.

Anytime your village people want you to offend a pastor just look for some of us and offend us.

For with us there is mercy.

For with us there is forgiveness.

I don’t know of you, but for me, the way Nigeria is structured, I fear fake Pastors more than GENUINE Pastors.

Genuine pastors I respect and honour them, fake pastors I fear them and avoid them.

I know the extent they can go.

If you have not encountered them, you will argue with this post.

This may help someone who is constantly having issues with pastors, let it go, it is not worth it.

Be blessed

Irabor Wisdom
Presiding Bishop Answers Assembly Warri Delta State Nigeria.

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