-Bishop David Oyedepo

The rod of Elisha didn’t work in the hand of Gehazi. He laid it on the dead who was on the bed of the anointed. He didn’t rise! He was wondering, ‘What are we going to gain from this woman’? Inside his heart was the money! It won’t work! There are many money sick people in Church, Faith won’t work! 

Yes! Oh God! Bad converts! They are praying Kingdom advancement prayers, but no! What is the matter? Money contract! And they speak in tongues and say, ‘When I say Amen! Say Amen!’ Hypocrites!

He is just praying that prayer, he is not connected to it! Hold the Faith and a good conscience whom some have ignored concerning Faith and they have made a shipwreck of their lives! Can you now see how the fear of God is foundational to everything that works in the Kingdom!

‘Papa, lay hands on me’! It won’t change it!

No good conscience, no delivery!

‘I meet him everyday’!  Judas was with Jesus everyday! How did he lose his place?

Somebody was anointing Jesus on His feet. He said, ‘Ah! This should have been sold for money’! You would have given it to the poor!

It’s a lie! Jesus said, ‘It’s a lie, because he was a thief’! There was nowhere they said Judas said something! Or have you read it in the Bible?

That they said that Judas said something! No! Judas neither prayed nor said! His conscience was defiled! It was seared with hot iron!

Faith never works with you in the morning with Jesus! And in the evening with native doctor! It never works! With you leaving what the Word of God says, to that your grandfather said! It never works without Supernatural Faith or Superlative Faith! Faith without a good conscience never delivers! There are many with a dead conscience. He is no longer sensitive to anything! It is seared with hot iron! The cells are dead!

-There will be recovery this morning!

1 Timothy 4:2, there are many with defiled conscience! All these things that Papa is saying, ‘I don’t believe it’! ‘Don’t believe it’! And yet now, they say, ‘Let’s pass the mantle, you say, ‘Yes, I believe in the mantle’! It won’t work! You go behind the scene and you are casting aspersions on the anointed? 

It won’t work! You will try to work it for all your life, it won’t work! God’s Word is settled in Heaven forever! To the defiled? Nothing is pure! Titus 1:15.

And then we have weak consciences! It falls for anything around it! Whatever others are saying, he is saying it! Nothing is working in Nigeria! What about you? ‘Well! In our Church, they said that we shouldn’t say that’!

But eh! ‘To be very factual, things are hard’! And then we come to Church, we say your case is different! You say Amen! It never works!
The first book I wrote was, ‘The Law of Faith’! What makes Faith work! If you don’t keep the Law, it won’t work!

And then we have a good conscience and then we have a pure conscience! May we graduate from good conscience to pure conscience today! Holding the mystery of the Faith which is the Spirit of Faith with a pure conscience! I say, ‘We are not under stress’! ‘Well, I don’t believe that’! And yet I pray for you and you say, Amen! It won’t answer! It won’t!

Paul said, I exercise my conscience to be void of offence towards man and towards men! You are a financial schemer! It won’t work! Change in book! Change in figures! You are a computer scammer, it won’t work! You are pushing drugs, it won’t work! Faith is not a magic wand! It is a Spiritual Force! It can fail! Jesus said, ‘I pray for you, Peter that your Faith faileth not’! Luke 22:32. 

These are what causes Faith failure! A defiled conscience! A dead conscience! Hypocrisy here and there!

🎶 There is a River of Life, flowing out to me!🎶

-Somebody is getting healed! Somebody’s Spiritual life is getting resettled! Hold the Faith and a good conscience! If I’m angry with you, you will know, it’s not that somebody will come and tell you! No prophecy, you will know!

And if I see you, I’ll call you and say, this is it!’ That is the little level that I have reached!

I was told that somebody was sick and it would be good if I pray for him, I said ask him if he needs my prayer! I don’t pray nonsense prayers! Abi? I told you! Ask him if he needs my prayers! No! Ask him! But for me to lay hands and be jumping when I know that you are off, I won’t do that! There are those who are saying, ‘My father!

My father! It’s a lie’! There is nothing in it sir! Nothing in it! Please, to thyself! Be true!

This thing is not magical, they are mysteries of the Kingdom! My prayer is that every single prophetic release today will impact your life! Thank you Jesus!

-May everything that grace has endowed me in the school of faith find full blown expression in your life!

What are the characteristics of the Spirit of faith?
1.The Spirit of Faith puts believers on auto-Faith frequency with capacity to respond spontaneously to the challenges of life! It speaks through you, what naturally you cannot utter! It responds spontaneously to challenges to bring them under control! 

He said, ‘Don’t mind what you will say, it is the Spirit of your Father that shall be speaking in you! Matthew 10:20. Prompt response of faith to challenges confronting us!

Those three Hebrew boys were not speaking on their own Daniel 3:16. We are not careful to answer you in this matter! It’s a Spirit speaking in them! Nobody dares a fiery furnace that way! And they were not premeditated! No! It spoke out through them! And all the devils in hell were crushed! God spoke to Caleb by the Spirit of Faith! You are able to take the land, let’s go up at once! As He has fully followed Me, there was a help of the Spirit of Faith that came alive in him! Prompt response! To instructions from the father? Prompt response! 

To challenges from the pit of hell! Prompt response! That’s why the Spirit of Faith speaks the unspeakable!

You think that they are drunk? It was at work inside David! 1 Samuel 17:36. That’s one tiny David speaking that way! Spirit of Faith! It was God who threw the sling, not David! 1 Samuel 17:38. If you measure that force, in the Physics laboratory, it won’t generate what we saw! The stone entered the skull of Goliath.

He fell down dead on his face! When it hears the voice of Faith, it will jitter! I was not in control, the Spirit of Faith! Not organised! It speaks the unspeakable in your defence, for your progress, for your advancement! Suddenly, it came! Davidl has slain his ten thousand and Saul his one thousand, then the battle between him and Saul.

But he arrives at the throne at the age of thirty! It’s a journey!

-Today! Receive a fresh endowment of the Spirit of Faith!

We are looking at the Characteristics of the Spirit of Faith before we begin to minister because all of them will manifest in your life from today!

The Spirit of Faith empowers believers to believe all things. Acts 24:4. The Spirit of Faith empowers us to believe everything in the world without argument or debate! Everything God says in His Word! We are empowered to believe them! The Spirit of Faith is a gift! It’s not an achievement! It’s not an accomplishment! It is not a mark of experience! It’s a gift! And every believer is entitled to it! He said earnestly covet the best of the gifts of the Spirit! 1 Corinthians 12:31. 

It’s every believer’s right to carry the Spirit of Faith! And then we need that in these thorny days and these dark ages!

The Spirit of Faith triggers incredible moves! Through Faith, Noah, a farmer, moved and began to build the Ark. Hebrews 11:7. Through faith they crossed the Red Sea. How? “Get down to go forward!” and the sea saw them and it fled. It makes incredible moves!

-Bishop David Oyedepo “IMPARTATION SERVICE” || SHILOH 2022 || COVENANT HIGHWAYS || December 10th 2022 || Day 5, Morning Session


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