How to develop a profitable Career in Blogging

Trust me, as much as starting a career in blogging would be one of the best decisions you would ever make as a young person but also it requires some patience, money and mastering of certain skills to enable you break through.

My advice for every young blogger is stay focused , be stubborn and patient with yourself because definitely it’s not going to be an easy journey.

The following are very important to enable your grow in the blogging industry:

1. One thing you should first do as a blogger is to search in internet for basic knowledge and you can get them on groups like the one created by Koji , YouTube , Google search.

2. The internet is full of a lot of myths and untrue things about blogging, so you definitely need a mentor who is good at what he/she does and has experience enough to guide you on the best practices to use instead of the whole junks you have read online.

As much as those information are useful not all should be utilized or believed. Over the years have tried to clear lot of misconceptions about blogging including on Google Adsense.

Example: Some people have it in mind that you can get ban if you use same account number for different Adsense accounts. This is a misinforming and it’s untrue, but that’s what is written on the internet by people. And a lot of other things ….

3. Don’t be too money focused and neglect the most important part of blogging which is sustainability . If you won’t be able to sustain a blog then it makes no sense.

4. Learn to pay for knowledge , most things that are valuable as a price attached to them.

However only pay for the right things , not just buying every course you will see online. Having a mentor is perfect and would enable you make better decisions in choosing the right courses for you.

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All the best to all bloggers , as we all enjoy our Monday.

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